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No worries mate...

They do say us Saffas are a humourless lot :cry:

Still looking helluva forward to getting into the mob now, can't come quickly enough!

How does the rugby work in the smaller ships like minesweepers, etc? Surely they'd struggle to scratch together a squad of, say, 20 from just one ship.
Obelix said:
No worries mate...

They do say us Saffas are a humourless lot :cry:
Friend of Asterix,
I just got in from offshore, having visited our Insection D.S.V. (Diving Inspection Vessel), and completely forgot that today is crew change, ie two perhaps three boys out, the same on. I was speaking to an S.A. pal of mine and telling him about this wee thread that we have had. Now here's the thing, I can't remember who told me this, definately another Yarpie (and I know and have been told that this is not a derogatory remark, its akin to calling someone Irish - Mick, or alternatively some one Scottish - Jock. When he heard that I had went from Yarpie to the other, he went flucking ballistic. He asked who had told me that and when I told him a fellow yarpie that made him all the more angrier.
On another note, I don't know how you imagine yourself to be a humourless lot, I have pissed my self crying when I have heard about some of the antic of some of your fellow countrymen, diving off barges airlift for flucking diamonds and the tales about some of the runs ashore, half of then should be on the telly.
So for what it's worth, if it pissed you orft, then I am sorry, one thing though, when I bump in to Marcus Van-Derwiick (spelling) he will be getting his wee fat arse felt. :razz:


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