Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Obelix, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. I'm a South African, about to join the Royal Navy.

    Was just wondering, are there a lot of Saffa matelots, or will I be very much in the minority? Going in as a clearance diver.

    What's the general impression of us? Chance-taking journeymen, or valuable contributors? Heard of alot of us scum in the Army (Paras mainly) and they seem to be gelling fine. I won't be put off either way, looking to make the most of an awesome opportunity, but am just curious...

  2. You won't be the only Yarpie in the diver branch. Good luck with your training.
  3. Good to know. So I'll be hearing the odd "Izzit" and "Ja" from time to time then...

    Looking helluva forward to it. It's just this f'ing application that's grating my carrot. Started the thing in May, and still waiting. Security clearance is one item short of complete (according to recruitment guy), and haven't even done the Diver's Acquaint Test. Worst of all I'm waiting in London of all the bloody places!
  4. I know 2 female's serving in the RN who are from S.A and also a few RM's. Only problem would be a dual passport, however, you should visit RN contact page, you will find the contact detials for the RN for further questions.
  5. Haha, Jenny, looks like we're replying to each other's posts on 2 different forums, this one and

    I'll stick to this one then, the other one doesn't have nearly as much activity.
  6. Nah, the other one is more for the green types lol
  7. Yeah, I see there are a lot of cowboys asking about SBS and all that on there.

    I see you're a moderator. If you want to, feel free to remove the other Saffa's thread I started. Pointless having two of them.
  8. Ach you'll always get some plonker who is interested in becoming the next 'Ross Kemp'!
  9. Sounds like a free H.S.E. Part-1 to me!!! But best of luck to you! :evil:

  10. Nah mate, can afford a Part I right now if I wanted to, but am using that money to relocate my wife over to the UK. Wouldn't want to shove myself away on an oilrig anyway, no matter what they're paying.
  11. You have obviously done a lot of research into the RN versus Oil Rigs, but as previously stated, the best of luck to you and yours in your every endeavour. :cool:
  12. Hmmm. All this innuendo...

    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say big guy, you'll have to elaborate.

    I've grown up around Navy Divers and Rig-monkeys my whole life. No research done at all, unless hanging around them at barbeques and listening to their tales (tall as they may have been) counts.

  13. Innuendo????, I am not insinuating, suggesting, implying, or intimating anything Obelix. My primary tickets were compliments of the Mob, why pay, when you can get for free, a first class training and make oppo's for life.

    I have lived with Divers and (don't know what the fluck a Rig-Monkey is, in fact I think that term is quite derogatory) worked with every discipline you will find on a Rig/Platform, so what, it,s all part of the game. However, if hanging around the barbeque with hairy arsed divers peels yer bannana, in the words of the Bard "Lang Mae Yer Lum Reek. If on the other hand you would like to enter into some serious banter regarding diving, whether commercial or military/naval, drop me a line. :wink:
  14. Don't get all touchy now, rig-monkey is quite affectionate, I assure you. You part of the PC brigade? A bit like calling yourself Ape.

    Many, myself included, may have got the impression that you were insinuating me coming over just for a free Class I, nothing more.

    Banter? I'm no stranger to it, but I certainly saw none in your posts.
  15. I think you might be going off on one Portuguese Boy, I meant no offence, really. PC Brigade ....don't think so!! :twisted:
  16. No worries mate...

    They do say us Saffas are a humourless lot :cry:

    Still looking helluva forward to getting into the mob now, can't come quickly enough!

    How does the rugby work in the smaller ships like minesweepers, etc? Surely they'd struggle to scratch together a squad of, say, 20 from just one ship.
  17. Friend of Asterix,
    I just got in from offshore, having visited our Insection D.S.V. (Diving Inspection Vessel), and completely forgot that today is crew change, ie two perhaps three boys out, the same on. I was speaking to an S.A. pal of mine and telling him about this wee thread that we have had. Now here's the thing, I can't remember who told me this, definately another Yarpie (and I know and have been told that this is not a derogatory remark, its akin to calling someone Irish - Mick, or alternatively some one Scottish - Jock. When he heard that I had went from Yarpie to the other, he went flucking ballistic. He asked who had told me that and when I told him a fellow yarpie that made him all the more angrier.
    On another note, I don't know how you imagine yourself to be a humourless lot, I have pissed my self crying when I have heard about some of the antic of some of your fellow countrymen, diving off barges airlift for flucking diamonds and the tales about some of the runs ashore, half of then should be on the telly.
    So for what it's worth, if it pissed you orft, then I am sorry, one thing though, when I bump in to Marcus Van-Derwiick (spelling) he will be getting his wee fat arse felt. :razz:


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