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Just retrieved from the library for me by Mrs Seaweed, brand new loan copy of 'Safeguarding the Nation' ('the Story of the Modern Royal Navy') by John Roberts (he 30 yrs RN), published for the White Ensign Association by Seaforth 2009. It is an exhaustive catalogue from 1957 onwards of the Royal Navy's going everywhere and doing everything ... until now we clearly are not allowed sufficient ships to be like that anymore ... at least the RN can't be everywhere but I am still quietly confident that 'The Royal Navy Can (still) Do Anything' as I understand it used to say in letters of brass at Osborne a hundred years ago.

The RR sort of reader will pick up on numerous small errors of detail but for those outside our salty world the book could be usefully educational, which I think is its aim. For us, nostalgia in heavy doses and hundreds of EXCELLENT photographs from the RN Museum etc etc. Fwd by PoW & Intro by Adml Lord Boyce.

'Modern navy excludes the first couple of years of my service - better get the oilcan out, I can hear my joints creaking.


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Amazon was my place of choice for this, it may sound odd from a grown man but the pictures are the are one of the best features of this book.

I especially like the art of the SHARs from the falklands era, never seen that before.

Buy it, it is nice to look at worst. 8O


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