safe sex for guides - more use than milking cows - official

"What Robert Baden-Powell, not to mention Brown Owls who spent years teaching young girls the virtues of humility and thriftiness would make of it is anyone's guess.

The Girl Guides, an organisation synonymous with the homely and the innocent, in which thousands of girls have spent their carefree days striving to achieve badges for keeping an orderly house and stamp collecting, is now to include sessions on how to practise safe sex, manage debt and reduce the size of one's carbon footprint.

The requests for such information have emerged from a survey of more than 1,000 Guides by Girlguiding UK, which is intent on keeping its relevance to young women in the modern world, in which more than 500,000 women in the UK are members.

Senior Guides - 16 years and over, said managing money was the most important skill they needed upon entering adulthood. Fourth in the poll was "practising safe sex", followed by "assembling flat pack furniture" in eighth position. Among 10-15-year-olds, two-thirds singled out the importance of becoming competent in Microsoft Word and spreadsheet software.

Younger guides, who were under 10 years old, nominated learning to surf the web safely, as one of their more important matters, along with the more traditional how to cross the road.

Liz Burnley, the Chief Guide, has said the movement will attempt to introduce the findings into future guiding programmes. "We prioritise giving girls the skills, experiences and opportunities they need to reach for new aspirations in the modern world," she said. "But these goalposts don't stand still, which is why we constantly ask our members what they think, so that we can continue to be truly relevant to tomorrow's young women."

In the past century, there have been significant shifts in what Girl Guides are striving for, with badges from 1957 including Homemaker (which involved making beds, jams and pickles) and Commonwealth (keep a scrapbook about a colony) compared with modern badges such as Communicator, Independent Living and Personal Safety.

In 1910, girls were awarded badges for learning to iron and milking cows, and there was much outrage when they were encouraged to camp and play sport. Critics at the time described it as the time as a "foolish and pernicious movement".

Earlier this year, the Guides began a programme to train leaders to be able to broach sensitive subjects such as eating disorders, bullying and stress management with younger members."

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OMG my mother, now safely ensconced in a retirement 'village' in the Home Counties, was a Brown Owl and had some girls who went on to be rather famous on her 'pack' roster (An Oscar winning actress for one, PM me for details {I pashed her sister,.. er the actress's not my mothers}).
She will be laughing quietly to herself between G & T's, as she swore blind that things would go to the dogs once the Brownies stopped wearing the infamous Brown Lid, not to be confused with the Green Lid...of the Boy Scouts
Dib Dib Dob in brother/sisterhood.


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Don't know about Brown Owls but BP was a paedophile and possibly a brown hatter to boot. Suppose his motto is still relevant BE PREPARED
Re: safe sex for guides - more use than milking cows - offic

Although now a civvy I am no stranger to the uniformed corps having served in both the Brownies and the Guides. My abiding memory is of clothes that made me look like a little barrel, the shame of having to go to Church parade or traipse through the streets wearing this gear, making swede lanterns and being generally naughty. All of this was obviously character forming and stood me in good stead for the tribulations of my later life. My dress sense has not noticably improved either. :salut:
Re: safe sex for guides - more use than milking cows - offic

:toilet: :tp: (practise safe sex)
Yes please, I'll have half a dozen thanks. HB :money: :dwarf: :w00t: :threaten:

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