Safe drinking limits 'were simply a guess'

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. OK folks lets get back on the piss.
    Can we sue for all the alcohol we have missed?

    Safe drinking limits 'were simply a guess'

    Offical guidelines on safe alcohol limits were 'plucked out of the air' and overwhelming scientific evidence suggests they should be raised, it's been claimed.

    The recommended limits, which have shaped health policy for the past 20 years, had no scientific basis, a member of the panel that drew them up admitted.

    Subsequent studies showed that guidelines should be higher - but were ignored by successive governments.

    Article from the Daily Mail Drinking Team
  2. G'day Slim.

    Well what reason have they now for stopping the "TOT"???

    Maybe they will introduce it again, they will be able to pay for it, once they stop all the bullshit about all these supposedly new ships we are getting, as I give it less than1 year, and 3/4 of what was promised, will be delayed, or never started, I heard that one of the carriers has been put back and one of the subs alreadies?? Any truth in that rumour??.

    pingbosun [​IMG]
  3. My grandad (ex CPO MOTOR MECH WW2) use to live on 5 pints a Stella a day at least, plus a dram or two of Scotlands finest. He died aged 88, killed not by alcohol but our disgustingly dirty NHS. Germans couldnt get him at Anzio/Dieppe but C Diff did for him at Derriford.
    TBH he was a drunken old sot, and spent most of his life with a beer in hand. What was his safe limit!
  4. How much do you weigh? If it's more than me then I won't feel guilty about drinking your bodyweight of lager tonight either :thumright:
  5. As long as that re-calculation doesn't include drivers, there should be nil for driving.

    Careful lads - Norman will gather this type of exposure for his next post.
  6. I totally agree, which is why I have never learnt to drive!
  7. Contibutor Mode


    Why woud you want to drink any lager(Euro Fizz) let alone someones body weight. If not ice cold it tastes like shite and if ice cold has no taste so its cheaper to drink ice cold water and buy some Rum or Scotch.

    You could of course drink some real ale or scrumpy.

  8. There can be no better reason than that. See you in the monsoon ditch.
  9. You have a good point there Nutty. I shall switch to real ale! Living in Somerset I should realy drink cider, but with some of the stuff we have around here, I don't think even my booze soaked body could handle it!

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