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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. (The 5 days at Raleigh to make you a safe sailor). Another course that went the way of ISSC for the RNR. However, I understand that some units are allowing GSSR to attend this course again. Anyone with information on the official line? Reference to an RNRTM would of course be helpful!
  2. There are up to four places on every RN weekly course set aside for the RNR GSSR AB2s
  3. The course is still open to RNR's - but be beware it's now called Basic Sea Safety and is a requirement for all GSSR's going from AB2 to AB1.

    The course is part of the Phase 1 training at Raleigh and so runs whenever a RN new entry course reaches week 6. I was on it last week.
  4. Andy you are thinking of a different course. BSSC is run out of HMS Excellent and the Safe Deck Hand is run out of Raleigh School of Seamanship.
  5. Phil,

    No I'm not getting confused with the BSSC course at excellent.

    I'm certain that it has been renamed from Safe Deckhand to Basic Sea Safety. It covers aspects of working on the upperdeck - wires/hawsers/Sea Boat/RAS/Swimmer of Watch.

    Check BR60A for GSSR ratings for more info.
  6. the safe hand course is now sponsered by marigold and then remember to moisturise afterwards :wink:
  7. I am sure the Safe Deck Hand course and BSSC are two different things. Ideally should be done as one course I think but hey it's gets you more ORT doesn't it?
  8. The All RATINGS FIRST SEA DRAFT COURSE (AKA SAFE SAILOR) is only done once. The BASSC has to be currently completed every four years for sea goers.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. Methinks I will do that as my last week of training then.
  10. Going on the Phase 1 Sea Safety course, next week and then that's my 2 weeks ORT done for the year.
  11. Count yourself lucky as not all the unit will put ppl it (Wildfire won't). I am having to go in full time to get on it!! ;)
  12. Now that's Anchorfaced!

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