American chat shows would be good, on how to be a good leader and not kill people by there thousands !, then just for good measure make him eat Mcdonalds three times a day- every day !!!, what a cruel man I am, didnt think I could be that cruel . LOL.
Personally I am not a great supporter of capital punishment, but in this case I an see the point SH in some prison will always be a focus for violent revolution with the objective of setting him up as a titular president, no one who has the power to fre him and set up a government is going to give SH the chance to have real power, for obvious reasons.



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rugger_bob said:
To write in code, form a sentence with a hidden word or phrase, lol. :)

I think the Kurds should be allowed to excute him, maybe mustard gas !! or even better hard labour for the rest of his life ?

Regards Pal.

U taking the pish!! 8)


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Thought for SH's offences it would be death by firing squad but whatever the method used to dispose of him far better than life imprisonment. Life imprisonment is a punishment worse than death which is no doubt why so many kill themselves in gaol,



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After the sentence was annouced yesterday afternoon, he had made a formal request for death by firing squad to be told that there was no chance as the firing squad method was for soldiers only. 8)


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Key Moments In The Trial
Updated: 11:07, Sunday November 05, 2006
Here are the key moments in Saddam Hussein's trial on charges of crimes against humanity.
The charges stem from the 1982 killings of nearly 150 Shi'ite Muslims in the town of Dujail.


June 17: First criminal case filed against Saddam and seven co-defendants, charged over massacre in Dujail following an assassination attempt against the president.

October 19: Trial begins, with Saddam challenging the court's legitimacy.

October 20: Defence lawyer Saadoun al Janabi is kidnapped by masked gunmen. His body is found the next day - he had been shot in the head.

November 8: A second defence lawyer, Adel al Zubeidi, is killed in an ambush in Baghdad. His colleague, Thamir al Khuzaie, is left wounded and subsequently flees Iraq.

November 28: On the day the trial reconvenes after five-week recess, Saddam calls Americans "occupiers and invaders". He and two other defendants complain about treatment by their US captors.

December 4: One of the five judges steps down, saying he had learned that one of Saddam's co-defendants may have been involved in his brother's execution.

December 5: Defence lawyers are denied the right to challenge the court's legitimacy so they walk out. The chief judge then reverses the ruling and allows former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a member of Saddam's defence team, to speak.

December 7: Saddam refuses to attend court, a day after yelling: "I will not come to an unjust court! Go to hell!"

December 21: Saddam claims Americans beat and tortured him and other defendants, and prays openly in court despite judge's order for trial to proceed.

January 15: Chief judge Rizgar Amin, a Kurd, resigns after complaints by Shi'ite politicians that he had failed to keep control of court proceedings.

January 23: Court officials name Raouf Abdul Rahman, another Kurd, as Judge Amin's replacement.

June 21: A third defence lawyer, Khamis al Obeidi, is abducted and murdered.

July 7: Saddam and three others go on hunger strike, demanding more security for their lawyers.

July 23: Saddam is taken to hospital on the 17th day of his hunger strike and force-fed by tube.

July 27: Dujail trial adjourns.

November 5: Verdicts announced: Saddam is convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. Six co-defendants also found guilty, and a seventh found not guilty and cleared.
I really dont think it will do any good for the country or the coalition forces serving out there, by hanging SH, just feel it will incite more confrontation, thus causing more deaths of service personal and civvy's alike.

They should just lock him up and throw the key away.

Any thoughts from you guys that have served in Iraq.