Saddam, Fearless leader or mad hatter

Saddam. Nutter or had a tough job?

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Saddam Death Demanded
Updated: 15:17, Monday June 19, 2006

Prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein have requested the death sentence for the former Iraqi dictator.

"Well done," Saddam muttered sarcastically as the chief prosecutor made the call during his closing arguments.
My politics are well known here but there is just something about this guy, he seems utterly fearless and the look in his eyes when he has got a sad on is something else. I know some are asking the question, where the Iraqis better of before Saddam was ousted and I am beginning to wonder as well. There is something about the likes of Mogabe, Amin and Hussein, are they really mad, psychos or is it down the people they have to manage? I know one thing for sure, there would be a stampede and a half if this guy ever gets out........

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Thought he would have learned by the end of the 1st Gulf War but noooooooooooooooooooooooo like a hard headed man, he had to come back!


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Hes like all the Dictators,they get to power and then feel that they are untouchable,and then plainly do as they see fit,untill......... well history speaks for itself!Theres always someone somewhere that will want to "Covet his neighbours ass!" and the end result is usually a bullet/knife in the back and off we go again!


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They say absolute power corrupts and Saddam is living proof. That said, anyone responsible for the extermination of thousands of innocent men, women and children has to be more than a little mad. The ongoing trial might seem like a farce at times (primarily because of his attempts to disrupt) but I feel confident that his guilt will be proven in the end and that Iraqi law will hand down the appropriate punishment.
Not forgetting his scumbag sons who picked there latest rape victims with ease.

Has for being fearless he knows he is down for that place where the rest have all gone so he has nothing to lose.

Be best if he rots in clink I am thinking!!!
Saddam and his life style isn't really compatible to western standards ,it is /was the way of life possibly still is in the vogue for the Arab and Muslim nations .

He was the elected leader of Iraq
The place was fairly stable with him and his Family in charge--yes they did some bad news things but then again it appears the norm in that area .
He was at war with Iran for years ---that could be another distinct possibility in the near future .
He invaded the Southern Arab states -- as a grab back for what was originally Iraq territory .

Ok -----now we have a westernised imposed democratic government in Iraq -------and at the moment its has upward of 200,000 foreign troops to ensure its viability!! They also have a westernised Iraqi Army --and the terror continues!! And the oil exports are still vulnerable .

The Al quaeda groups that were allegedly in Iraq have all moved on!! Disappeared like the WMD .

They would be wiser to give the place back to Saddam .
Saddam was no more than a self appointed dictator, it is easy to be elected when there is no other choice.

Well constant civil war with the Kurds in the north, various acts of repression against tribes he fell out with, and a pretty constant level of 'dissapearances' of those the secret police toook a dislike to could pass as stability.

There was no Iraq until it was magiced up by the 'Great Powers' after WW1 and the present state is based on a Turkish province and contains three radically different ethnic groups, along with a varaiety of other minorities, there are people livining in Iraq rather than Iraqis.

No country that has had a significant time under the control of a dictator has an easy transition into an other form of government, although I do think they Americans have not made it any easier by their lack of planning and understanding.

Al Quaida have just appointed a new leader in Iraq, so perhaps have not dissapeared quite yet.