Sad thought processes

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. I just noticed that my post count has reached the dizzy lows of 2000 and it brought to mind all my old submarine sonars! And I haven't been drinking. Much.

    So, obviously, starting with that electro mechanical behemoth 2001 and now up to 2016. Got a few more old bits of kit of go before I can lie down! 2020 can pass me by as I never had it!

    How sad is that?
  2. GERTRUDE ring a bell?
  3. Most of my logins used to revoked around sonar numbers
    2020 never had 2001
    2026 trained on in Dolphin but not at sea
    2074 not at sea but at naval applicator
    Think I may have missed a few? 2004 echo sounders an depth thingy plus special fits we had to fix a few things

    2076 as a civy
    Edited big brother and little sister
  4. By a river behind a wall of sandbags eh Bill?
    Don't worry if the floods come there's a few on RR who think they've risen to the heights of being able to turn the tide and failing that Sonar Bender will help you locate you frying pan and zimmer frame.
    Just beware of animals turning up if it keeps raining.
  5. BELLRINGER mostdefinitely rings a bell.......... shush!
  6. As I said above
    "plus special fits"
  7. 2806 the divers bible
  8. OMG - Happy Days!

    187? The old mechanical computer attached to the Mortars? With hookey in the chair behind you? "Mortars fired from the SCR!"

    I'm filling up here.

    "CEP, Passive"
    "New Passive contact bearing 330"

    Sob. Give me a few minutes...
  9. I dont suppose todays CEP is a roll of graph paper and a selection of pencils.
  10. It should still be so, Sharkey, mate. They need something for if the computer goes TU.
  11. It's still taught, TS's have to have a reason for having for more pencils and pens than WH Smiths.

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