Sad relics of Greenham Common

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ask_then_order, Jan 10, 2008.

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    These women think of themselves as herorines (sorry 'sheroes'). But all this crawling, one sided report does is show them up as what they really are, sad, deluded, attention seeking losers who think that lunatic regimes with nukes can be kept in line with a hug, a woolly jumper and a vegan curry.
    Why can't they be thankful for the men and women of the Royal Navy who keep them safe at night! Do they honestly believe that everyone in a blue suit is a mindless govt drone?
    My favourite quotes:
    'How could my daughter be a cop and support a regime I hate?'
    'The amount of money we spend on defence doesn't make any sense'
    'This is pig wrong'
    'The Greenah protestors lived liked soldiers'
    'I want people to get out there and DO IT!'
    '[Faslane] will be a museum'
    'We [the peoples of the world] can live in peace'
  2. Rosie O'Kane of the Scottish Socialist Party used to write a column in the Daily Record that consisted of the same idealistic pish, that was until she lost her seat in the elections and was shown the door by the paper. She wants to turn HMNB Clyde into a childrens peace camp etc, reality is a dirty word to her. She was always banging on about the 'evil monsters' based on the Clyde. Don't know if she meant the boats or us submariners, but sent her a nice letter and a set of Dolphins, didn't get a reply.
  3. Standby for incoming from Golden Rivet.

  4. Who was that Greenham Common CND now Labour MP wench who thought she had moved the septics just by creating a travellers rest site.

    Seen her many a time on the box she now says nowt!!

    What a nice world no nukes no armed forces no need for a lock on the door so no police no security personnel.

    Wish I could get my hands on the TAWT who jumped on the bonnet of my car back in the UK. I would microwave his fecking head.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I was expecting a photo of Rivets..... :dwarf:
  6. U-Tube is playing silly beggers again

    Ihave got the latest Flash player
  7. What a great statement "Bikes not bombs". At least I can feel safe in my bed kowing that none of them will hit the charts with their awfully bad singing.
  8. She's developing them in her darkroom... is it ok to post that one of you slithering you tongue up her left leg, clad only in your green beret.... at Greenham? ;) :biggrin:

    Sorry GR, I just couldn't resist.
  9. If they're the standard of bikes on offer, can't see anyone taking them up on it!......
  10. Thank you for the link. How ironic to see the RN Engineering Branch answering this challenge in typical fashion after the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise was impounded for encroaching Faslane's high security area:

    All part of the 'Service', I guess.
  11. Trusting a nearly Nuclear Iran, a probably Nuclear North Korea, a Nuclear Pakistan that dependent on the forthcoming Elections could be Extremist Pakistan, is utter lunacy, do these people not believe in Insurance?
  12. You forget that CND was founded and is mainly run by outright pacifists who no not even believe in the use of violence for self defence. Your logic is completely lost on them, they really would rather die than fight back.
  13. Don't believe in Self Defence? My head hurts, I can't understand their reasoning! It makes no sense, rather die than defend yourself, it is against human principles! I knew that they didn't use logic, but I didn't realise they were that dangerous.

    So these people would rather see a genocide than intervene?
  14. Just had a good lunch break watching these - finally got round to it. Thanks ATO. Sadly no pics of me but I only participated on a few occasions.

    Phew - felt quite emotional watching that.

    There's a chapter in Tony Parker's book Soldier Soldier. which might be of interest to those of you too young to have lived through some of the events that the protesters in these films discuss. He interviewed miltiary families about various aspects of service life and chapter 13 is about Greenham.

    I wish I could find the words to one of the songs I was taught (and forgotton). It was sung to the tune of English Country Gardens and was about the mud and conditions generally at the camp - very funny. I only spent a week there in about 83, I remember clearly how surprised I was to feel so healthy when I left (not having taken a bath and having had to S H I T in a pit for that length of time) I absolutely stunk of woodsmoke, people visibly moved away when I got in the tube carriage.

    Brave women in my opinion especially since sometimes lads would beat them up at night and threaten them with violence (not the soldiers I hasten to add).

    Peace and Love
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    GR, I don't call undermining our country's defences anything praiseworthy. I assume the Greenham women wanted to live under Soviet communism (ditto the harridans outside Faslane). Sadly for them the courage of others eventually brought the whole ghastly Potemkin village of Soviet socialism deservedly crashing down about its owners' ears, but not until tens of millions of people had been murdered or worked to death in Eastern Europe in support of this evil moonshine.
  16. Well said that man!
  17. The Priest who held the Remembrance Day service I went to during the Cold War was a CND supporter and always looked distainfully at our group (I was then with the Royal Observer Corps) in the church in Cranbrooke, Kent. However when Gorbi admitted that our resolve, and Britain's determination to defend her interests as evinced by the Falklands Campaign in 1982, in an interview with the BBC after the Communist Party was outlawed by Yeltsin - that same Padre had the courage and grace to admit that he'd been mistaken. Good on him!

    GR? ;)
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Another of what Lenin called the 'useful idiots'. Our local parson was CND - he'd donw his National service in the RM which made him a bit of a mixture as far as respect was concerned.
  19. Having watched the claims of victory by the Greenham Common lot, I hereby claim credit for the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and the end of the Cold War because I once put a hole in the bridge screen of HMS Scarborough with a chipping hammer.

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