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Sadly, WOCOXN Jim Slater (known by some as Jimbo) passed away and crossed the bar yesterday. He had been ill for a couple of weeks but his death was unexpected by many and comes as a shock to myself as well as doubless many others.

He left the RN earlier this year to take up life as a 'civvy' after many years in the service. A member of the London Branch submarine association is believed to be assisting his family with arrangements. It is possible that his funeral will take place in HMS Drake in the very near future. There is an obituaries and funeral arrangements link on the menu at the left of the home page once you enter the site (see link)
- I do not know when it will be updated.

These are all the details I have.

Condolences to all in particular his family. My thoughts are with his relatives during this difficult time.


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From a circulation via Submariners Association...

Jim Slater was not a member of the Submariners Association, But he was well known by many members.

Thanks to Bob Nunn, I have been able to gather this information about Jim’s service career.

I hope to send out his funeral arrangements as soon as they are confirmed.



Edited to add...

The service will be at the HMS Drake's Church at 1300 on Thursday 14th August. The pall bearers will be formed of 6 WO Coxswains & CPO Coxswains. There will be a burial in the South Hill Church Yard near to the family home.

The "afterwards" is yet to be decided but a gathering will take place.

There will only be Family Flowers, donations are requested and will be given to chosen charities that have yet to be decided.

As the service will be in Drake any civilians attending will need to be put on Access Lists. Could I ask that names are forwarded by email to [email protected] as this is where I am coordinating the lists from.

WO1 Coxswain (SM) Simon James Slater MBE 02/07/1958-06/08/2008

Royal Navy service: 10 September 1974 - 18 April 2008.

He was one of the last Boy's through Ganges as a Junior Assistant Steward Second Class.

HMS Pembroke for his professional training.

HMS Osprey

HMS Fyfe.

HMS Dolphin for his Submarine Training and rated Leading Steward.

Captain SM2.

HMS Spartan in build in Barrow.

Spartan for the Falklands .

Captain SM2 Rated Petty Officer.

HMS Otus, HMS Superb.

HMS Dolphin for his Coxswains training

HMS Tireless, HMS Talent, Upholder program as Group Coxswain.

HMS Trafalgar.

Promoted Warrant Officer Coxn.

CSST Warrant Officer Coxswain.

HMS Raleigh as WOSMS. (Awarded MBE)

Retired from the Royal Navy in April 2008.

MBE Citation

I am delighted to inform you that her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to appoint you as a Member of the Most Excellent order of the British Empire in recognition of your exceptional achievement in conceiving, planning and establishing a submarine heritage centre in HMS RALEIGH. The enthusiasm and dynamism you have shown has resulted in an exhibition suitable not only for a Royal visit but which will become an integral part of the education of young men joining the Submarine Service. Your vision and selfless application are highly commendable and in the finest traditions of the service.

Gazetted 31st December 2002


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Re: Sad news - urgent assistance required


The following are the details for Jim's Funeral to be held in HMS Drake on Thursday the 14th August at 1300 hrs. The Mess will be open from 1200 for Tea & Coffee for those arriving.

On completion of the Service, Family & Close Friends will depart for South Hill for the internment. The Family will then return to the Mess.

There will be Food and Drinks in the WO & S/R's Mess HMS Drake after the service & all are welcome.

There will only be Family Flowers.

Donations will be for The Cornwall Air Ambulance by Retirement Collection at the the Church or C/O C P Coomb, Funeral services,

Glenmoor, Moss Side, Callington.

Any Civilian Visitors are to notify the following email address for inclusion on access lists: [email protected]

no later than 1000 Wednesday morning.


Bob Nunn

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