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Sad news. Stan the Man has crossed the bar.


War Hero
Sad to report that our old oppo Stan the Man has crossed the bar.

Fair winds and calm seas shippers.

He was one of the funniest posters on here back in the day and will always be my internet sea dad. I’ve posted this in Lils because this is where he generally used to hang out.


Officer of the Day HMS York Rosyth some of the grunters decided to have a run ashore in Edinburgh, off down Rose street they trundled.
Some jockenese porridge wog hears there accents and slips a crippler drug cocktail into DWEOs wet, 10 minutes later he goes fcuking bulgy eyeballed, sweaty and starts to shake like a shitting dog. Before the est of the grunters could stop him he'd done a runner out of the boozer. Dweo wa a bit of a Bear Grylls type chap avid survival mag reader, its fcuking November and freezing and forwhater reason his drug addled mind dcides he should take all of his clothes off and hide. -10 in an alleyway lost his clothes some remembering an article he read in a mag he takes an enormous shit and smears his entire body in it hoping it would form an airtight seal around his body to retain the body heat.
Someones raises the alarm probably from the stench and the police arrive then pass him onto the provost. I as OOD get a phone call about 2330 from the Provost Marshall I he asks my name and I say CPO S I need to speak to an officer immediately he states I say sorry but there's none onboard there all on a run ashore. After a pause he says Chief cleer the flightdeck area I only want you at the gangway.
15 minutes later it appears - a shit covered naked DWEO escorted by two crushers and the PM still rather groggy he smiles at me which cracked all the dried excrement on his face and says sorry Stan. PM says get him showered and into his bunk and tell no one except the XO and MAA tomorrow - good oldStan can't keep a secret the whole fcuking ships company knew by breakfast, poor old DWEO held left the ship shortly afterwards and he was actually a fcuking nice guy.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
He wasn't alone in being a Falklands vet that felt angry and alone. RIP shipmate. May you find peace..


War Hero
Super Moderator
Stan only lived 10 miles from me but I never had a chance to meet him, unfortunately.

RIP shippers


War Hero
RIP Stan.
Never crossed swords with you but could see both sides of the life you had.
Absent friends.


War Hero
RIP Stan.

Tennyson said it.

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,


War Hero
Never knew him, but have read his posts and think he was an amazing chap. He will be sorely missed. RIP Stan


War Hero
Review Editor
Book Reviewer
Sad to report that our old oppo Stan the Man has crossed the bar.

Fair winds and calm seas shippers.

He was one of the funniest posters on here back in the day and will always be my internet sea dad. I’ve posted this in Lils because this is where he generally used to hang out.

Sorry to hear about that, another good poster who will be missed.
Jul 28, 2014
Stan commented with this gem on "9 Month deployments and other stuff
" Thread:

....As a council house boy the best thing I ever did was walk into the careers office a week after my 15th birthday bright as a buttun and thick as fcuk.
Six years down the line I was as worldly wise as a man could be I went mostly ship to ship courses in between but even though married I couldn't wait to get back to sea, places you have never been before, culture and lifestyle differences opened my eyes to the world and I was paid for it.
Yes I dripped thats what Jack (and Jenny) do but with the passing of the years since I retired I miss it so much especially the commitment, humour and comradeship in doing things together as a team yes I fcuked up many times got in the shit drank far too much and was never the best father in the world but it provided me and my small family a quality of life when I was home that I don't think I would ever have acheived anywhere else.
Street wise to fcuk and can spot a dodgy bastard a mile away and I wholeheartedly agree this goverment has totally destroyed your pension and benefits I didn't join for the pension that came afterwards but I can accept the bitterness many of you feel.
Most of you have the choice to stay

or leave, I certainly had some difficult times financially but all in all it equalled out.
I did a 10 month deployment on Manchester Global 86, fcuk me, I'd have gone round again.
I've been out a few years but found a decent job when I left nothing to do with pusser and I still hate civvies and I have'nt had a pay rise in 6 years, however, my pension is indexed linked now I've reached the dizzy age above 55.
If you start to hate putting on the uniform every day its time to go there is life after pusser but not much - well in my case anyway.
I went fishing Thursday and Friday, Golf on Saturday and now I've finished this rant I'm off to my local for a pint.
Take care all of you, be proud , trust me the vast majority of this country think the world of you and your commitment, dedication and loyalty. Sadly that doesn't reflect itself in your paypacket and conditions of service

Bold script says it all in his veryown words, bless 'im!
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