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sad loss at burton uint

as alot of you will be aware four service menand no deatil say a women were killed on sunday. it is with the greatest sorrow that i must inform you that one of the marines killed was a friend and instructor at burton unit. we at burton are in shock, but i hope you will share with me the deepest respect from the corps to his family, friends and especially his girl friend.

he was our issue marine and worked hard to get our marine cadets through thier rmo's. he was our friend and a good friend to the corps.

sorry for a sad post but please spare a thought to his family friend girl friend and us at burton unit.

rip friend

RIP mucker

All our thoughts are with both his family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time.

Spotty, chin up mate - Be strong and carry on the good work he was doing with the Cadets. They are the future of the Corps and he played an important part in bringing them along

Speedy recovery to the injured.

Very sorry to hear that Spottydog. Was gutted to hear the news on Sunday having come home from a very successful remembrance day parade down here in Essex. Now even more gutted to hear that it was one of our own in the Corps.

Will be thinking of his family, the cadets and all you guys in Burton unit. As Spenny said stay strong & always honour his memory.

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