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Sad Day today

Today is the funeral of Captain Robert Avis OBE RD JP DL FRIN RNR, former CO of HMS President , who tragicallly passed away recently . He was an excellent CO. I served with him as his COX,N and as an RO2G back in the MCM 10 days . My thoughts and respects are with his family on this sad day


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MasterChief said:
Today is the funeral of Captain Robert Avis OBE RD JP DL FRIN RNR, former CO of HMS President , who tragicallly passed away recently . He was an excellent CO. I served with him as his COX,N and as an RO2G back in the MCM 10 days . My thoughts and respects are with his family on this sad day

I'd like to add my condolences too - Captain Bob was a true gentleman. He made a great contribution to the RNR from his days as a CO of an MSF right through to organising RNR100.


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Although I didn't know him personally please allow me to use the forum to extend my condolences to his family.


As a member of the Royal Guard on Horseguards I owe Captain Avis the greatest thanks for organising the event, the chance to parade in front of royalty, colour, centre of London etc. brings a tear to my eye even know.

I remember him and his wife visiting us at Browndown the week before, and on finding out we had no mugs to drink from his wife went out and bought some with the comment that she could do something really useful as part of RNR100.


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I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. Cap'n Bob was a fine MSF CO and a gentleman in every sense of the word. My happiest memories afloat were on HMS Arun with Bob as the Boss. I will never forget the "Avis - we try harder" and "The floggings will continue until morale improves" signs. The RNR lost a fine leader, motivator and role model when they retired him.
being from a northern unit i only met him a few times.the first during the mcm days when i was a baby stoker and the last being at browndown during the royal guard training.he was a gentleman and a true matelot and all the lads and lasses from eaglet who took part in the guard would like to pass on condolences to his wife and family......another one has crossed the bar.


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As well as the RNR, Captain Bob was well respected in the small boat community too - here's a brief obituary from Motor Boat & Yachting.
I had the pleasure of attending a Trafalgar Night dinner with Bob Avis last year - a true gentleman and an excellent host. I had no idea he was ill - what a shame.


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Truely sad news. Our paths crossed many times. I always felt enriched by his company and one particular occaison has left me eternally in his Debt.



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The first CO I ever had albeit briefly so didn't really know him, although I think he got to know of me when I slipped off the pontoon outside our Unit.

My memory of him will be at Browndown Camp where we were training for the RNR100 Royal Guard of Honour. On hearing that we had no cups or loo roll, he sent his wife for cups while he went for loo roll.

A truely decent man who was well respected and will be sorely missed.


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HE truly was a gentleman, and good 1st lt, (even if he did stop my leave for two days when i lost my id card on my first ever fortnight!!). God bless him, may he rest in peace.


Bob Avis was my second CO, and he was a very good CO to serve under. I learned a lot of good things and got a lot of vital experience.
It was a shock to come across his name in the obituraries.


I worked for Bob on the fleet review last year as a marshall in a rib, he was a great guy, will be sorely missed by all in the boating community as well as the RNR. I never had the chance to meet him during my 10 years in the RNR, wish I had. I last spoke to him when he gave me the honour of leading the small ships flotila past the Queen on the last day of the review, a conversation that will stay with me forever.
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