sacking Clarkson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bikerman, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Whatever the reason, anything that gets that opinionated, self-important, jeans and tweed jacket wearing bore off the telly can only be a good thing. Up there with Ronaldo for punchability in my book.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You don't rate the work Clarkson and his Wife have done for Headley Court then?
  3. Doesn't the fact he is a big supporter of Help for Heroes score any points in your book?
  4. Very commendable. Still a tedious bore though.

    Jim Davidson does a lot for the forces, but still manages to be an arse.

    Mussolini got the trains running on time etc etc
  5. Clarkson is doing an Ok job and has a fairly interesting programme on the box.

    The usual whingers and weepers coming across with statements about
    ''Clarkson should be sacked '' I suppose it fills newspaper columns !!

    I think the BEEB are standing by him anyway.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  6. What happened to that guy is terrible, but getting Clarkson sacked isn't going to bring back the dead. Speeding doesn't kill: bad driving kills. If speed kills then why are there so few deaths in Formula 1?

    In the words of the great man himself: speed doesn't kill. Now stopping quickly: that's what gets you.

    Does this guy believe Clarkson is the only person to have broken the speed limit? Has he never done it himself? Holier than thou, methinks!
  7. I find him very entertaining, stopped watching the original top gear when he left as it became very boring.

    Clarkson is if anything not PC, he is a supported of the armed forces, and a detractor of government, for these three points alone he scores plenty of points in my book.
  8. Bring back Raymond Baxter, says I...oh hold on he's gone up to the big Battle of Britain Squadron in the sky, er the baldy bloke, nah he's boring. Get rid of Clarkson and "Top Gear' would disappear down the ratings plughole, still wouldn't put it pastt the Beeb.
  9. Yes, he can be a bit of twot now and then, he hates us bikers, but I still think the guy is quality and is the anchor and 'driving' force of Top Gear.
  10. Well, one individual, hardly a brigade.

    Only a half literate article as well :D Well done to whoever wrote that :D
  11. I can see there are quite a few mid life crisis posters who like fast cars and J Clarksons bravado at the Licence payers expense on his shows.

    Yes, I give him great praise for his Help For Heroes and other support he has given the forces.

    However, there are thousands of (mainly) young and older men who think he is the bees knees when it comes to driving flash fast cars etc.

    This does cause a problem, as a previous poster stated it is not the speed but the driving that causes an accident.

    This is the problem, J Clarkson can as he has proved many many times that he can control fast cars, BUT his many many followers may think I can do that and then speed themselves to emulate his antics.

    They will not be able to handle the driving forces when at high speeds and in turn may cause accidents.

    For him to boast he travelled at 186 mph on a public road is a big big mistake and I fully understand why someone who has lost family to car accidents involving speeding cars are very upset.

    His problem is that when he makes these statements he is so matter of fact about it as if it is one big joke.

    It is no joke for the families.

    Should he be sacked??

    A statement maybe by himself against speeding.

    If he does not, it would prove one thing to me about him,

    He is an overpaid, spoilt, I can do anything that I like and joke about it TV presenter.
  12. So Jezza states he drove on a 'public road' at 180+ mph ?

    He doesn't actually state it was a Brit road does he?

    His programme shows that he, and his acolytes (May & Hamster) have probably done that on many roads in other countries, where it is legal, or the local authorities have closed the road to the public for the test of whatever monster they are testing at the time.
    He does take the p*** out of all and everything, as well we have seen on TG.

    I don't see people calling for the ending of car racing, which happen to exceed this speed on 'public' roads in Monte Carlo, or biking on the Isle of Man!

    Big mouth, big ego, overpaid, spoilt - so what ? (so are our pollies ;) ), makes a comment that annoys someone (hmmmm :scratch: - just like our pollies .... !!! ) at least he entertains .. !!
    And if the Liebour propaganda machine sacks him, I'm sure Murdoch will snap him up, and at a vastly more higher salary.

  14. Speeding? No problem with it! Speed myself all the time and anyone here who says they don't is a liar…
  15. Jezza is a journalist so therefore is going to be controversial by right.
    I challenged him a few years ago to come out on an ambulance for a 12 hour shift after he made some nasty comments about us.
    He didnt reply but the editor of the times did expressing regret at his comments.
    However,a few months later Jezza was rushed into hospital from his home after a heart scare i think.

    The following week he issued a statement withdrawing all his comments and singing our praises and admitted he'd been a prat.
    BZ to him,at least he admitted he got it wrong.

    I like his style and his manner in not being afraid to say what he believes in,even if he gets it wrong occasionally.
    At least he has the balls to own up to it.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have to agree!!! Its amazing the people making excuses for Jizza :sign10: , who admits breaking the law, hes a laugh, show would go down the pan, he attacks the government, does work for the forces etc etc etc. Whilst I have no real interest in cars I do enjoy watching the show, its one of the best entertainment shows on the BBC. Now do yourselfs a favour and stop making excuses and arse kissing a middle aged man who appears on TV. :cya:
  17. :oops: I stand chastened - that'll teach me to attempt speed-reading ... :(

  18. There is no speed limit on the I.O.M outwith the built up area The roads are closed for the racing but they are normal 2 way roads when the bikers race doen the mountain emulating their heros with opposing traffic for the rest of the year.
  19. Members of Parliament should get the sack for fiddling their expenses :rambo:

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