Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Scumbag makes allegation against a teacher, teacher is suspended, police investigate and find no case to answer so the LEA sack the teacher.....

    Anyone else find this somewhat disturbing that someone found to have no case to answer by the legal system is then sacked by his employer and even though he has the backing of previous pupils the school/LEA still refuse to re-instate him ??

    If he wins his claim and gets compo (and he should) the scumbag liar who made the allegations should pay from their own pocket, the teacher should be re-instaed without delay and awarded all back pay due AND the scumbag should be named, shamed and expelled
  2. Another case of a fellow human being driven to the edge where push then becomes push back. They talk about bullying on the school playground yet we all know the teachers are also bullied with no hope of retaliation if so this happens.

    Mind some of the teachers I had as a youngster deserved a good thump! I cane you because I love you one knobhead used to say.

    No names no pack drill as they say. I know a teacher who has been pinned against the wall for taking the child to the headmaster for discipline. Parents storming into the school where is that F****** teacher!

    Then we have the door slowly opening and matches being struck and thrown into the classroom. Must be Chinese matches all the match producing here [UK]has been shut down.

    The question I would ask is!!

    The cleaners come along to you and say no way are we cleaning that mess in the sink in the toilets/heads whatever!! So the boss man says to you knowing you have a mortgage kids etc you get it cleaned and clean it now.

    Do you tell him to clean it him/her self take photos and threaten to publish in local paper or just say well it is the youth of today just having fun.

    Photos of the condition of Ladies will not be published on the grounds of this is not Diamond Lil
  3. Actually in that situation I would have the cleaners assembled and watch me clean it. Upon completion I would also state to the cleaners that that is the professionalism they are expected to show. If they cannot bring themselves to do the work asked of them they should tender their resignations and seek work elsewhere.

    The influx of immigrants brought into Great Britain has provided the cleaning industry with a source of willing workers, so cleaners are generally expendable.

    I'm assuming for this situation that this is a school, so I would mount an action against the students. The school would be assembled and the pupils informed that such mess is unacceptable, and any pupil caught littering or trying to make more work for the cleaners would be punished by detention for an hour after school, working under the charge of the cleaners.

    I certainly recall that the cleaning staff at my school were rather formidable women, and God help any schoolboy who might have to work under them.


    On the actual topic of the thread, then I agree it would be a shame to lose a good teacher when there is no actual case against him. Schools are increasingly too often concerned about their reputation that it can be counter-productive and good, experienced teachers are lost for a little black mark.
  4. I fear it may also be a result of the current child protection legislation, which does take account of suspicion and innuendo. The current disclosure laws now not only take into account whether you have been convicted but also whether you have been investigated. It may well be the case that unless the accusations can be proven to be malicious that this poor person is unemployable as a teacher. We have given enormous power for evil to school kids.
  5. In NZ males who apply for Teacher Training are snapped up, get grants and once qualified have basically the entrance level job of their choice .Why
    Because men were scared off by allegations being made by pupils in the 80-90s.
    Now with 1 parent families skyrocketing, very often the only male figure, of any worth, in a childs life is a male teacher.
    The chickens have come home to roost.
  6. Well said, NZ!

    More generally, having attended a comprehensive school in the 1970s, I experienced a wide range of teacher types - the school was an ex grammar, and contained a large number of "old school" hard men, plus lots of young "trendies" brought in to "modernise" the place. Having left school, I never went near the place for over ten years, but one day - seized by a bout of nostalgia when happening to pass by - I paid a visit: the trendy ("Call me Rick", I kid not!) who'd been my tutor for 5 years, incl 6th form, didn't have a clue who I was and cared not a jot, but every one of the scary old bastards (incl one who'd only ever taught me Latin in the lower school) remembered me and was pleased to see me. Very telling, I think.

    This case is, although an extreme example, by no means unique. A friend of mine was suspended for a protracted period following allegations of sexual impropriety with a pupil - despite the fact that he'd notified "line managers" that the girl in question appeared to have an adolescent "crush" on him; despite the fact that there wasn't one iota of evidence to substantiate the girl's lurid fantasies in her diary; despite the fact that all the girl's classmates attested to the fact that she'd been making clearly fantastical statements about him for months; AND despite the fact that the girl's father, having "gone off on one" when he'd read her diary, subsequently conceded that plainly his daughter was lying, and there was "no charge to answer"! Regardless of all this - the investigation was, to say the least, thorough! - it still took the school/ LEA more than 3 months to reinststate him. What's more, their attitude was equivocal - the suggestion remained that he "must have done something to encourage her"! It took the threat of legal action, letters from solicitors etc, before the system issued a statement of complete exoneration/ full confidence.

    Myself and another were accused of racism by a pupil who was extremely disruptive, and had a long track record of abusive behaviour towards female staff, in particular. He had been excluded on numerous occasions for, amongst other things, drug use, persistent smoking, and endangering other pupils on trips. We were accused of racism because, having agreed to take him on an overnight educational trip (uniquely, I might add, on the staff - all others refusing to take him on trips due to his past record), we made no secret of the fact that he was there on sufferance and was being watched carefully. My God, we had a battle to refute this accusation, and to this day our names remain recorded in the "Racist Incident Book" - we have managed to get our refutation included "for the record", but - again - only after obtaining extensive legal advice/ support. Apparently, any accusation of "racism" must stand "on record" (purely for "audit" purposes, you see!), even when proved unfounded. What is strange, however, is that the same did not apply when this particular pupil (Pakistani Muslim) made overtly racist comments about fellow pupils (black) in front of more than 25 witnesses including 2 teachers: nothing was done about it, and no record has been kept.

    As for outdoor pursuits... well, won't bore on about those. It's enough to state that all the H&S audits, careful (and fully documented) training & preparation of pupils on this good earth will be to no avail if something goes pear shaped on an expedition - the system will cover its ass, and the teacher who was daft enough to sign-off for the trip will take all the flak and have to live with the consequences. I'm all for proper accountability, but the truth is, in our present litigious society where accidents never happen and someone must always be blamed, LEAs talk the talk about the value of outdoor ed, but rarely, if ever, walk the walk when it comes to backing staff who are prepared to put time/ effort into running activities that carry an inherent element of risk. I ran outdoor pursuit camps for 15 years - with a flawless safety record - but, in recent years have seen good people who suffered misfortunes (There but for the grace of God...!) hung out to dry, so have quit whilst ahead!

    Suffice to say, I no longer feel able to run educational trips, and have given up all outdoor pursuits, coaching rugby, ref'ing on Saturdays etc. - it's too damned risky! Am still involved with extracurricular debating, drama etc, but only because these activities are pretty "safe", and they only ever attract pupils with the right attitude who appreciate that you're giving up time that could be spent elsewhere, notably with one's family.
  7. WM, the sad tale you have to tell is echoed elsewhere, the NHS treats it's key staff members similarly, to the extent my sister gave up being an NHS Hospital pharmacist before they got her, and I also know a nurse who was suspended for 6 months after false alegations by a trainee. Basocally management will hang out any staff to dry to save their own skins.

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