Sacked being a MOD

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Deeps, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Sorry gang ,I have decided to sack it as a MOD on this site.

    I am too out of date, to useless at Computers and with an Afaganistan deployment coming up I dont have the time.I trust all you Submariners and ex-Submariners will be good until the next MOD gets his draft.
    All the best and stay safe .

  2. Fair enough, Deeps.

    Good reasons make it a good choice, I suppose.

    Well done on some good moderation and helping the site grow out of its infancy. We're all indebted to you.

    You still sticking around for the fun?
  3. Sorry you're off Deeps. I hope the chatroom thingy didn't influence you? On the computer front: when you buy your next one, avoid PCs and go for a Mac for an easy life. I could never go back to a PC at home - too fiddly and frustrating!

    Best of luck for the future!

  4. Deeps - enjoyed our daft chat hope you did too - you were a great MOD - a role model more should aspire to. Best of luck and see you in Lil's

    the Rivet
  5. Thats it you pee off to sunny climes while we still do not have a our private chat rom for D/E boatmen what served on stretched "T's" 1953 to 1969 (discounting the IN). We still have confidential things to discuss amongst the two of us on this forum.

    No really, well done for a Pongo to keep us hairy arssed sludgemariners in check.

    Luv and hugs

  6. see ya deeps.....keep your head down and come back under own power.

    PS. Dont forget to read all notes before losing :D 8O
  7. Well we will miss you Deeps..... your a good of the best
    dont be a stranger to lils tho.......... :lol: :razz:
  8. PS Deeps forgot to say:

    "Keep your nut low and your nuts even lower"

  9. Cheers you lot.I will stick about for a little longer until ''someone else puts up or shuts up''Any takers?
  10. I nominate this guy called Deeps. Great Mod, just needed a bit more experience. Do you think he'd accept his old job back? :smile:

    [align=center][marq=up]Stay Deeps... Stay...![/marq] [marq=down]Stay Deeps... Stay...![/marq][/align]
  11. Glad to see your staying Deeps
    When us submariner types arrived here last February you were there to hold the door open and welcome us in and that is probably the last time you were bleedin useful. As a moderator you have proven to be utterly and completely fcukin useless in fact the most useless male mod on here period, but that don’t matter cos you have the kissing kippers and that makes you special
    I don’t know what happened in the chat room and I don’t bleedin care and neither should you, so stick around if only to keep nutty under control.
    You know deeps that I could never be accused of being a brown nosed bleeder but I`m glad you’ve decided to stay and look after us as you are undoubtedly the best moderator the submariners forum has ever had.


    Welcome back……..
  12. Group hug group hug


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