Has anyone got their civvie employer to go to one of these free p**s ups. Mine when invited to go for dinner on HMS Victory said too busy. What are others experiences? Is this organisation money well spent?


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Dunno mate, I've told my employer that these guys are there in the event of me being called up.....that they are there to provide support and advice to them and left it at that........

did I heard you mention free pissup? did I miss out on that one?


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My boss has been on a number of SaBRE related events...dinner with Prince Charlie....tea at Highgrove....!!

As a small company the effect of my mobilisation during Telic and in the future was/would be significant..the work that Sabre have done since then have kept my boss on side and fully supportive of what I do in the RNR and that can only be a good thing.......!!

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