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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by joesoap, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Has any one seen the article in todays Sun it gives a list of companies commited to helping reservists in their organisation, Unfortunatly my companies not on it. Is any one elses big DIY style employer not on it?
  2. My companies not on the list - which is a bit of a shame as I get an extra 5 days paid leave for my ORT and the company has a policy on reservists.

    Although saying all the above I'm just about to be outsourced to a leading IT Services company, who are also not listed but I don't know their policy at the moment. Mind you, my current employer didn't have it on my docs that I was a reservist - despite telling them about it....
  3. I think its something to send to your HR department or boss. My company isn't on there and they are very supportive with time off etc.

    It would be nice to be able to make Sabre recognition an important thing to have just like an investors in people plaque in the reception. Maybe this would have a knock on effect to those companies that are maybe not as supportive as they could be.
  4. this is good but i bet the list of those who dont support reservists is longer!
  5. Got a reply from Saber it states that the company was asked but failed to reply, suggests I contact HQ directly. Im off to anoy someone
  6. I sent the link to my boss, i have copied and pasted his response.

    How do you spell fu-k off parasites!

    Get a proper job!

    Bunch of bald and bearded time wasters!

    Do you think maybe he's not keen.
  7. Funny, mine not on there either, and they're very supportive (2 weeks paid leave for Military reserve Training, counts as 'give-back' for end of year reviews, mobilised time counts as company time, health insurance maintained during mobilisation etc).

    Very surprised.

  8. Can you say who your employer is please? Be interested to work for a company that good. Of all the companies i've worked for, only the biggest ever give you any support. It seems the days of companies being very receptive to employing reservists are generally gone with today's climate expecting them to actually give something rather than just benefit from having a highly motivated capable employee. Sounds bitter i know, but i've seen both sides, having returned from Telic 1 to an employer who had previously spoken well of the reserve forces, only to then systematically force out all of it's returning veterans by ensuring they were targeted for all of the s*itty jobs going, thereby ensuring people left asap.
  9. Had a look at the list, I work for the NHS and they seem to have seperated it down into distinct trusts. I know mine has the same policy as the better stories here, 2 weeks extra paid leave, unpaid leave for vital training after full allotment etc etc.

    Interesting that it isn't considered to be an NHS wide policy.
  10. How do you spell bomb scare?! :rambo:

    The ******.
  11. My girlfriend works for an NHS Trust, and has been told that there is a TA policy, but not one for the RAuxAF. She now has to take her time off as annual leave. Not even an option for unpaid leave.
  12. I think your GF needs to get some legal help on that one; sounds patently unfair to me.
  13. I'd suggest getting some advice from Sabre on that, if they have a reserves policy it should apply to all three reserve services.
  14. After going in to speak with my boss about compulsory mobilization I received the following memo with a letter to SaBRE attached. The letter to SaBRE was probably 50% fabricated nonsense, as is the attached – ENJOY!

    Further to our recent conversation on Friday 06 July 2007 and subsequent conversation on Tuesday 10 July 2007, please can we express our disappointment and concern that you propose to mobilise with the reserve forces and seek a 3 month break from our company without our authorisation or approval.

    You are obviously aware that we have a healthy workload with core Clients and subsequently require each and every one of our employees to be committed to our schedule of contracts and contract completion dates.

    Your proposal to mobilise during early September is totally impractical for our company and would leave us short staffed and facing a major struggle to seek a temporary or permanent replacement during your absence.

    We enclose a copy of our correspondence issued to SaBRE, for your information and attention.

    The writer will comment further on receipt of a response from SaBRE and once we have had time to review our obligations with our legal representative and whether we can apply for exemption/deferral accordingly.

    We are aware that you have detailed, as too have SaBRE, that all necessary reimbursement costs will be issued to our company, but it is obviously the disruption and inconvenience to our company at such a busy time that leaves the writer frustrated.

    As and when we receive a response from SaBRE, we will issue you with a further correspondence outlining their comments and those of our legal representative.

    To reiterate, we do not wish you to mobilise either now or within the future.

    We trust the above is self explanatory.

    After I responded, pointing out the benefits of intelligent mobilisation as opposed to compulsory mobilisation and basically telling him he had obviously heard a different conversation to me and was talking crap, mis-quoting me etc etc I received the following -

    No need to respond, as I think we both need to know the facts.

    I have recorded what has been said, and simply need to ascertain the truth.

    That’s my job!!!!!

    I have received various tales, in two brief chats with you, and there is confusion about three months / four months mobilizations, going to Iraq etc etc, but I simply want to know the facts.

    I have written to ascertain the facts, nothing more.

    Again it’s my job!!!!!

    They shall respond to me, and I in turn shall respond to you with the truth.

    If I here nothing, which I will be surprised if I don’t, I shall chase up and ensure I have a conclusion.

    I asked you to liaise with your family, as I thought they may trigger some sense into you, and identify your responsibilities at home.

    You should know your responsibilities to us as an organization, and as detailed earlier it, seems all very one sided, from your end.

    You know we are busy and it’s very poor timing.

    You don’t like me saying these things, but these are true facts.

    If you do volunteer, are you in breach of your contract? Surely as an employer I need to know.

    Again it’s my job!!!!!!!!

    I for one thing you are paid well to be a ******** on our behalf, I suggest you do this.

    The company hasn’t given approval to mobilize, and again I reiterate, I am simply ascertain the facts about whether you need to be now or within the future.

    I have a simple saying on matters like this, which I’m sure will impress ****: don’t f-ck the golden goose!.

    I resisted the urge to respond to this one. I just printed it off with all the other sh*tty emails, memo’s and letters I have received and put it in a file nice and safe ready for when the sh*t really hits the fan.
  15. Trehorn- THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS !!!! What employment rights do you have, do you know? Personnel should earn their money for a change and set you straight on that one, if you have such a department....if not CAB should help ????

    If your boss swore at you- play the Liberal Card, assert your Human Right to not be abused and report the twat to Personnel. could well work. Personnel are usually so tied up in bureacracy, they will khack themselves and tell him to back off.....if it works for every damned benefit-claiming goon who walks into this country, it should apply to you too.

    Did you join the Reservists after your civvie job, or before- because if it's the latter, they've got my granny's fanny to stand on legally, surely ? Their response is a fcuking disgrace considering the reason you need time off. Not exactly off to a week in Skeggie now, are you ?!
    [As an aside....the time it took your boss to respond, could have been put to better productivity working.If they've got that much time to waste, they obviously have capacity to fill in for your role in your absence].
    Your man David Brent, or Davina Brent wants a bloody good spanking.Commendations to you for keeping calm.
  16. You are probably getting more advice than you can handle, however, my understanding is that Sabre are there for you as well as your employer, I would ask to speak to them via your Unit, citing the reluctance of your employer and the abuse from him/her. I would also approach the British Legion and ask them for legal assistance.
    Reason being, the comment about biting the hand that feeds you, is quite relevent, you may (and I say may) have a cast iron constructive dismmisal case, however, it is risky territory going down that road, as you could be (INCORRECTLY) labled as a trouble-make within your industry. And sad as it is, the Civilian carrear pays the mortgage, the RNR one pays for less-important things.

    But you clearly have an issue that Sabre/the RNR/the British Legion should be able to provide you with not only EXPERT and FREE legal advice, but also advice on consequences.

    I wish you the very best of luck, if all else fails you can always try the thermonuclear option (well your mum can, as she can write to the Sun!)

    All the best

  17. I think the employer is making some valid points actually - albeit in a bad way. He is your main employer, you have asked him to mobilise and by all accounts you are sending him mixed messages on what it is you will or will not be doing. The company clearly has need of you now, hence any compulsory mobilisation will be defeated at the appeal stage. You're onto a loser here - sift past the emotional BS and poor typing of the guy, and he does make a fair point - he pays you, you have a good job and much needed skills and he can't afford to lose you right now.

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