SA80 vs SLR anyone?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by montfish, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Bah Humbug, bring back the elephant gun (whilst waving your cane from your armchair. possibly)

  2. Nah Grandad, the futures here, and it's made by H&K

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  1. No i haven't fired the SLR

    But..... i think the SA80's better, its lighter, less prone to stoppages, can carry more ammunition for it, less cumbersome. comes in a variety of forms for different uses, more firepower

    all in all, much better than the old relic SLR


  2. I've used both the SLR and the old SA80A1 amoungst other things and at the time i was a bit loathed to give up the SLR due to the A1's reputation as being a piece of shit. I wasn't disappointed when i had to para cord the magazine to the belt loop on my denims in case i lost it. What was going on with those absolute gash magazines they used to issue with the A1??
    The list of fault with the A1 are too drawn out to highlight on here but what a piece of shite it was!!
    I have however heard really good reports about the SA80A2 about it being better than the M4 and other weopons in that family.
  3. Exactly the reverse for me never fired the SA80, but with my Brown Bess I could hit a damned Frog at 100 yards and fire 3 aimed shots a minute. :thumright:
    My SLR was ace lots of stopping power, alittle heavier and never had probs carrying 4x20 Mags, 50 more in a bandolier and 100 more boxed in my Bergan.
    Horses for courses basically. :dwarf:
  4. 230 rounds? without bragging i carried more in my webbing on herrick! rifleman in afghan now usually carries about 8-10 mags of 30, another 300 in bandoliers and probably another 3-600 in daysack
  5. Thing is mate, someone that has used an SLR probably took aimed shots and thus only needed to carry that amount, know what I mean?
  6. Alot of the guys in the Company used to carry 30 round LMG mags which they would use for the SLR but they were prone to falling off as they weren't designed for the use of. I think we all agree that times have changed. NZ bootie is a Falklands vet and i from my training team who were down there it was obvious that their Bergens werefull of SLR mags mortar bombs and ammo.
  7. haha SA80 accurate to 600m as a section weapon

    (i don't know what that is in furlongs, yards or whatever the SLR measured in)

    rapid rate 20 rounds/min!!
  8. they were originally designed to be one-use disposable magazines (septic style)

    but pusser being pusser thought 'what! throw away perfectly good reusable magazines!!! dont be ridiculous'

    and there we were.

    but you're right, A2 is the cats pyjamas, both the weapon and ancilliaries
  9. A mate of mine swears by his A2. Hated the A1 though. Seems that "they" actually listened to those that count and made some pretty good changes :)
  10. It's a slightly odd question when if you haven't used both you can't categorically say one is better than the other.

    I've used both and I agree with EX_RD about not wanting to stop using the SLR. You do get used to and prefer something that works. Whilst the early SA80 wasn't great, the A2 is considerably more user friendly and this is my preferred weapon from the two.

  11. yea it is alot better than the A1.

    6 hr heavy contact, 1500 rounds down, just 2 stoppages (and they were from one of the magazines corners getting bent out of shape) A1 probably wouldnt have got through a mag out there
  12. TBH this started life in another thread about something completely different (you know how royal likes to digress) so i thought i'd start it up as some gentle banter on a wednesday nite
  13. Never fired an SLR in anger (being a WAFU) but I did during Basic Training in 1990 and it kicked like a mule - awesome! I preferred rifle drill with an SLR too - it may have been heavy but the white webbing looked smart as fcuk with your gaiters and at least you could put it down on the deck when stood at ease - none of this "change arms, slope arms" bollocks every 5 minutes. Although the "flip-up" to attention was quite tricky and often led to a dropped weapon haha!
  14. Lighter? 5kg vs 4.5kg?

    Less prone to stoppages? Your pinky will drop off long before an SLR gets a stoppage

    More ammo? You need less with a quality rifle.

    More firepower? Nothing says Bang! You're dead like a 7.62 in the noggin. Anyways, it was easy enough to make an SLR into a full auto beastie.

    Less cumbersome? Lot less sticky out bits on an SLR

    Variety of forms? You mean like the rather pointless LSW version?

    Pop your head round a right hand corner and pop off a few aimed rounds from your left shoulder with your SA80 and let us know how that worked for you. :thumright:
  15. CQB with a SLR? - Bullpup all the way

    edited, didnt see the upper half of your post

    maybe the weapon weight isn't much difference, but ammo weight is. more ammo doesnt mean cos you need less with the SLR, just means you can stay out for longer without needing ressuply. 7.62?? pfff try 40mm of HE in your grid to ruin your day, and its alot less cumbersome in that its considerably shorter than the SLR but still has long barrell. and i didnt mean the long silly weapon (which is pants), but the carbine for drivers, UGL for close combat etc

  16. Wog behind wall…

    2 rounds 5.56… chipped brickwork

    2 rounds 7.62… dead wog

  17. lol you mean the compound walls in afghan that 7.62, 30mm, 84mm LAW and .5 bounces off?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Girls guns the pair of them, now a good old .303 Mk 4 Lee Enfield that was a proper rifle.

    Nods off quietly in the corner

  19. Always wanted a nice SMLE meself, a 40's Lithgow one
  20. The BFAs on SLRs made life "interesting", too, when they sheared off!!!

    And can you clean an SA80 gas-plug and piston head using vinegar kept in a 35mm plastic film canister?

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