S.Wales Argus: "Memorial To Tubby Linton To Be Unveiled"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. It was good of all those submarine commanders to off load their crew before single-handedly earning their VCs.
  2. A remark to be expected of you, J-J, and which should/will be ignored accordingly - by the submariners here at RR at least.

    Soooo - PRO and go crayon elsewhere, please.

  3. 'In the case of a gallant and daring act being performed by a squadron, ship's company or a detached body of men (such as marines) in which all men are deemed equally brave and deserving of the Victoria Cross then a ballot is drawn. The officers select one officer, the NCOs select one individual and the private soldiers or seamen select two individuals.'

    Seems like a prime case for nomination by ballot to me.
  4. J-J.

    The St. Nazaire raid was a good example of your "......."

    eg One recipient was an AB Bill Savage VC (Posthumous) a workmate & a good friend of my parents.

    I don't knock either way, but different services - Different cap tallies.

    The alternative? A 'US Citation' and everyone gets to wear a medal/ribbon? Whoah - No thankee, sir!!

    Glory: Earned, Recognised, Shared, Reflected; I believe those involved , or those who are interested, can discern the category.
  5. Fair one.
  6. OK

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