S. Telegraph - British Forces around the World

Well, as a rough guess:

Canada- RAF Goose Bay, BATUS, etc
USA- The Naval Staff there has about 100 matelots (HMS SAKER?), pus the UAV command place in the desert which has an independent RAF flight. Then there's CENTCOM in Tampa, (another 12 or so)
Australia- no idea, but you get the general idea (something to do with FPDA?)


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RAF Goose Bay no longer exists, it shut a few years ago when the NATO nations pulled out. Collectively there are about 600 UK personnel on loan service billets in the US, plus 39 Sqn in Las Vegas.

Definitely not 400 personnel in Ascension, and a lot less than 1000 in Gib, unless you count the Gib regt.

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