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S***t -A***s


Deleted 97779

A newly promoted Captain--A rare animal with a DSM and a DSC was given his first big command.
HMS Fulmar-He looked it up discovering it was a stone frigate in Scotland.
Not long after taking it up ,he was informed it was to have its first wrens.--Bloody Hell!!!
He complained and they sent a 1/O WRNS up to placate him.
My dear Captain you really musn't worry, as my girls have it up here----Tapping her forehead.
Madam ,he expostulated, It matters not where your girls have it....
My sailors will find it.

The spoil sports will suggest this is apocryphal----And they'd be right--All invented
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Mmmm - Best fit for that Captain would have to be Donald George Frederick Wyville Macintyre DSO & Two Bars, DSC (26 Jan 1904 – 23 May 1981) Macintyre was CO of HMS Walker in March 1941 when three of Germany's top u-boat aces were sunk in a week and Otto Kretschmer was captured and landed by HMS Walker at Liverpool.


<... 2nd July 1946 the Royal Air Force Stations of Lossiemouth and Milltown were transferred to the Royal Navy. A short ceremony took place at Lossiemouth with music provided by the Royal Marine Band of HMS THESEUS. The Royal Air Force Ensign was lowered and the White Ensign hoisted as Wing Commander E. A. Johnston formally handed over command to Captain D. Maclntyre, Royal Navy. The Royal Naval Air Station was commissioned as HMS FULMAR on the 7th July, 1946, and the first Naval Squadron to set up residence was 766 equipped with Fireflies and Seafires. The operational flying training task of 766 Naval Air Squadron constituted the Station role in these formative years. Pilots were trained for the Strike and Fighter roles in the two aircraft types ...etc...)

Sadly, records are no available so our researchers were at a loss to confirm or deny whether the 1/O WRNS sent up to placate him was the once young and fragrant Mrs. O'Norman-Deare...