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A couple of questions, aimed primarily at serving S/Rs, either RN or RNR....

I have a CPO Mess Undress uniform that I'm considering passing on (for a fee) to someone who could actually use it. What's the going rate for second-hand mess kit these days? It's a Louis Bernard suit that's in excellent condition and that has been worn about a dozen or so times at most. The sizes are 42" chest, 36" waist and 30" inside leg (another reason for getting rid of the suit is that it no longer fits me, so even if I had the opportunity, I can't wear it anymore .... note, the reason it no longer fits, is that I've lost about 3 stone since I last wore it, and it'd now drown me!).

Is there anyone on RR that's interested, or alternatively, does anyone on RR have any connections with S/R Messes that could post a notice on my behalf? Although the suit is currently on the left hand side of the pond, I'm heading back to the UK in May, and will bring it back with me should there be any interest here.


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Another fkn spammer, joins the site posts a couple of articles (2153) and then expects free advertising^~:wave::thumleft:

Hopefully there will be someone on the site who can use it Flags


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good luck with selling your mess kit but at the moment SRs get a grant to buy brand new mess kit from the pusser, on promotion, so you may be better off putting it on Ebay, I would suggest start it at around £150.

All the best.

Kinell they get it easy these days, if I could have had a freebie I wouldn't have just bought a dress shirt and bow tie to go on me nos ones:frown:


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A starting price of £150 is actually a little more than I was expecting.... Think I'll try the eBay route with delivery to the Uk in May. Cheers
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