S.O.D.S. Opera


Lantern Swinger
The best S.O.D.S. Opera ever when was yours?

My first was on the Bulwalk on the way home from the far east in '69.

My second was on the Hermes on the way home from "down south" in '82.

Both quite BRILLIANT
Same Rusty B one as yours, excellent night and every tosser was well covered, I think the stokers sugar plum fairy stole the show Followed by the Jimmys Three little girls from school are we

Jack McHammocklashing RO9
After 3 weeks in the Mekong Delta on Mermaid, just outside the 50 mile limit set by the Vietcong ( we were standing by to pick up Brits if and when Saigon fell ) they finally agreed to let one RAF VC10 in minus seats to do the pick up, the trip back to Singers was memorable....the sparkers did a version of The Russel Harty Plus chat show called..
'' Pussers Hardy Minus'', plus our token ethnic, a young chef dragged up and did a hilarious version of Diana Ross.
All compered by Tommy Cooper :w00t:
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