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I was discharged S.N.L.R in 1999, not for drugs or violence etc, but I was in a bad place and my D.O said he could get me out quick without having to wait the 18 months it was back then for notice. He basically said that I had "x" amount of debt and wasn't willing to pay it until I was discharged from the Navy. I've now been informed by an ex-forces "friend" that if you were discharged S.N.L.R that you are not entitled to a pension when you reach 60. Could anyone verify if this is true or not please.
Would like to think that they cannot touch your pension!!!! As I know the pension for those Officers jailed for fiddling the children's education expenses. Were left untouched, when they received there jail sentences isc


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Assuming you served for at least 2 years before leaving in 1999, early discharge does not affect your entitlement to a preserved pension from age 60 based on the years that you served.

As others have said, contact the SPVA/Veterans UK for the answer applicable to your case. Veterans-UK Consider joining and consulting Forces Pension Society if you meet a problem.
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