S/M Memorial Remembrance Parade Sun 4th Nov



An Extract from IN DEPTH - The Official Newsletter of the Submariners Association Oct 2012, Chairman's Message, Page 2.

<< ...The next major event in our diary is the annual Remembrance Parade in London at the National Submarine Memorial on Sunday 4th November. This is traditionally a very well attended event by serving and non-serving submariners. Please do all that you can to attend. This is our opportunity to pay tribute to our colleagues who have ‘crossed the bar’. Those who earned the reputation we enjoy.

I am delighted to inform you that Mrs Gillian Molyneux will lay the wreath on behalf of the Submarine Widows this year. I have to tell you that HRH Prince William will not be attending this year. I did write to him but the invitation was just too late to be included in his schedule for this year. However his reply was very encouraging and I am confident that he may be available for 2013. I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse!...

Keep on keeping on!

Jim McMaster.>>

That Newsletter can be downloaded, and viewed as a PDF file, from the SA's Website at:

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