S Korea to build new RFA's

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Yes, they would be built on under time, under budget, to spec and 100% fault free as is the usual with Korean built ships,
  2. Yes without doubt.. Large amount of work for BMT. A very inventive company with lots of new ideas.

    The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd and is based in Bath and Weymouth in the United Kingdom. It employs over 200 naval architects, marine engineers, engineering consultants and support staff.
  3. Under usual circumstances Oil Slick, I would agree but with BAE involvement very doubtful!

  4. Should have gone direct to the Koreans and cut BAE out of the loop all together, pity it does bugger al for our ballance of payments. £80million
    in the red but only £50million if you include our financial/insurance sevices last year and we`ve been in the red for the last 10 years!!!!!!!
  6. Without a doubt South Korea can provide the basic tankers. They have a good reputation and as has been said above they deliver on time and on budget. They have been involved building FPSO hulls for a good few years now and can easily manage the increased requirements for these vessels and indeed are now starting to produce the topsides (process) modules as well.

    How BAE systems and indeed the MoD manage the job is however another question. One thing the Korean yards do not like is change to the original design and MoD seem to be good at introducing these changes all through their projects.

  7. That's if the job goes to the BMT/BAE/Daewoo consortium. Rolls-Royce have also put forward a tanker design that will presumably form one part of the oppo, maybe someone like Navatia as well.

    The basic design is BMTs Aegir which I've heard folk in town describe as "exactly what we want". There's no doubt whatsoever, that Daewoo can build the ship, BAE are probably on board to do some of the detailed design aspects like provision of naval firefighting, magazine safety, ammo routes etc. They managed to b8gger all these up on the Waves, so hopefully they'll have learned something!

    If DSME need more than 500000 manhours per ship I'll be astonished. Someone in MOD was planning on over 6 million hours per ship only three years ago!

    As long as we don't end up paying over £100M each for a product carrier, we might even get some ships!
  9. Nice looking ship, but with a 10 ton rated flight deck, it rules out putting Merlins or Wocka Wocka's on them. So we move forward with the out dated Sea Kings & Lynx.........
  10. The flightdeck is an easy fix - AIUI the "UK-focused" option will be cleared for at least Merlin and possibly the Wokka.

    O_S - as I suspect you might have guessed, it's not really COTS. Rather a design that in terms of capacity, speed, ability to operate aircraft, number of cabins and COLPRO looks very much like a certain staff target / URD doing the rounds at the minute.......

  11. Indeed, but does it meet HMG's 'target', that is the question.
  12. I would agree, on one condition, that we decide what we want before we fire the start gun and then don't change our minds at every mothly progress meeting. My son has great amusment acting as a culture interpreter between his employers, and italian company, and the koreans.

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