S Korea ship raised.

Hehe. Its always gonna be a case of the finger pointing at the N Koreans initially. due to the usual belligerance of said country and its crackpot leader but as to the truth, hopefully we shall know soon.
If it turns out they did sink it then thats definately a major problem. Last thing world needs is that shitstorm kicking off again. We'd have to dust off deano and jim shortt and send them to deal with them.
As a resident of Seoul, and an ex-TASI to boot, I am particularly interested in this event. There are some really odd circumstances surrounding the sinking and, let's face it, every politician on the Korean peninsula has a deeply vested interest. It is, therefore, virtually impossible for the ordinary Joe in the street to know what actually happened.
What I would like to know from the outset is this: we have been told that the sinking has been investigated by a multi-national team of naval experts, and that the team members were unanimous in their conclusion that it wuz the North wot dun it. Countries represented on the team are said to include South Korea itself, the US, Australia, and the UK. Does anyone know if, in fact, the RN was represented and, if so, who were the individuals concerned? Maybe one or more of you guys was involved?

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