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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Stirling, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. ...has been good in the last few weeks with some stonking posts, thanks to all contributors.
    Keep it up girls and boys, let's have some fun.
  2. Except for keep having to sign in, when ticked to stay logged in, yeps all seems to be ok.
  3. No probs here on that front, when I first joined the site in 06 it was a bonus as rampant insomnia meant I could READ for hours on end, stuff like a much slimmer force being, IMO, well payed for their service with extras pay like time in and operational time at sea, apart from Fife it was money for old rope in my time. Fife was FULL on navy, and we loved it, mates I will never forget or meet their equal. CA was.....above me...at the time, could not believe Lil's, cyber messdeck.
    Yes, like other sites we have lost, for the want of another word, drive ? to Facebook and Twitter, but, recently we have shown we can compete.
    BZ site.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I just knew you would be the first to respond to my second post, Billy, I could NEVER go for a sesh with you as I would have a coronary with your banter........you......I was on Forth and had CONSIDERED moving to the dark side and with my luck I would have bin posted to a boat...... with you on the fin at SSD ....WHEN you retire from your drudge get on stage and show people what real comedy is.
  6. Cheers!

    Happy it makes people happy. Can someone please wrap Stirlings last post around
    a housebrick and throw it through my front room window whilst her indoors is
    watching The Waltons (Series 7). She says I've got no sense of humour - I wish
    to prove her wrong.

    By the way - when flinging said brick - note the settee is on the RIGHT hand side
    of the room, where she will be sitting......DO NOT throw in the other direction else
    you'll smash my 50" 3D television up, and I shall not be impressed.


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  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I fully concur. The forum format wins hands-down.

    Whilst there are those that prefer the likes of Facebook (may his name be praised), my experience, in the recruiting world it's a complete waste of expensive resources beyond initial preliminary non-medical or criminal eligibility enquiries.

    Whilst it's appreciated this isn't a recruiting forum (the RN doesn't have one), the ease of use as a reference source of the forum format is invaluable and the content and context is generally readable, entertaining and educational.

    On the RN & RM Facebook recruiting pages, which were launched when the RN website (and forums) were offline for many months, there were those that crowed about the "number of likes" codswallop. They completely neglected to notice the RM Facebook page didn't have the word "Recruiting" in the title, so it was attracting all sorts of anti-military, anti-war, weirdo nonsense together with 60-70% of RM queries being non-recruiting related, simply because there wasn't, at that time an equivalent RM community page.

    Facebook to my mind is a place where users are at liberty to spam their irrelevant nonsense repeatedly, ask the same questions over and over on a daily basis because there is no search function or database, undertake family squabbles on unrelated pages and have their preliminary eligibility queries generically answered or referred to their AFCO.

    The forum works.
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  8. For me, has to be the best post I have ever read on this site in 6yrs and 4 months, the day I first joined, sorry Billy, Chief Stoker has just trumped you.I have been closed to private messages recently for reasons that are obvious, now open, chat, now open, apologies for missing your chat request last night Lauren, stunning Lauren, do not join the mob babe, Billy wants you on stage with him. Gonna have a read now but chat is ok.
  9. Now in tears of laughter.
  10. I agree with Ninja_Stoker completely, not only does facebook not have a beloved search button, but it attatches your identity and details to every post you make. On the Royal Navy Recruitment page you do see some interesting posts and interesting what people have public on their pages, seems like they haven't thought it likely that some recruiters will be hovering about on the page- doesn't make a great impression. I also feel that not all of the humour here would be welcomed onto a facebook page, and I wouldn't be able to waste time looking through old threads and chortling to myself.
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  11. It's back.
    ....can I just say World,Site,Top,Thanks
  12. Sunday dinner

    B. is 64 and not in best of heath, pleads with her GP for more tests and GP suggest Diazapam. Poor lass was in bits. She has, thankfully, someone to look after her, suggest she visits GP early doors Monday and demands that someone accompany her on next appointment.
    Warmish day and B is sat outside, I have a one bedroom palace, B has a much more modern palace with two bedrooms, one for her and the other for her 18 yr old cat complete with cat en-suite.
    If I am not there B. has company for her to enjoy life, 4 yr old Westie.

    Ruby pulled me when I first met her as you can see, she has been dhobyed and B has a small spray of Chanel on to her right hand and rubs her hands together, apply’s to Ruby, before I arrive.
    B. can gut me with her one liners, ‘Do you want a can’,
    Google Image Result for http://www.drubc.com/assets/Uploads/go500frontlarge.jpg

    Ruby is secured on her lead with just enough play to keep her on the flagstones for what happens next as she has been prepared by B.
    When Ruby spots me she wees all over flagsones, I give her a peck on her nose, more wee., B. raises finger and Ruby’s tail has stopped wagging and ears are down, B. goes into kitchen to get me my can…Ruby bladder now empty B. mops the flags but she is still kept on lead. Can and we sit and talk about what she read this morning on site. You probably know this anyway but dogs can talk, she wants some attention, a look from B. and Ruby finally settles.
    Previous day B. had asked me which roast I wanted for dinner and I told her not to bother with roast and surprise me, there is a smell of garlic and something else.
  13. I did say that site could cope without me.

  14. What does PTB stand for or am I being particularly thick tonight?
  15. Chat now off, one PM please from you Know who. Duty MOD, Sgt P, Bless him, pulled threads at about 0216.
  16. White lies (Stirling's Dribble )

    28th March 2013

    Wing beer garden

    About 0750

    'Where's cunt lugs with that T'

    In unison ' Duh Duh Duh'

    and some of STILL do not get It

    'whers 'Monty gone'

    'Call me Dave'

    'Love to be a stinkin blue bottle on his wall'

    ' High five'

    S. taps head

    'Fukin told, now go and find T'


    ...get it now ?

    if you must, 1 tweet, 1 like, 1 pm.


    Duh Duh Duh.
  17. ​waiting.......
  18. Eldest bro, in a wheelchair. lost a leg. is with cat Ruby and B.
  19. still waiting
  20. Likes allowed from whole site. be first
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