S. Echo: "Nuclear Submarines To Be Based In Sunderland If Scots Win Independence"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. "Sunderland will be the new home of Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet if Scotland breaks away from the UK later this year.

    The Scots will go to the polls in September to vote on whether to end the 1706 Treaty of Union, which created the United Kingdom and saw King James VI of Scotland also become King James I of England.

    Under the terms of the vote, Scotland will inherit the barracks, air bases and naval bases on its territory, including Faslane, where the UK submarine fleet is based.

    However, the British Government will retain control of the submarines themselves, which will be left homeless.

    Now, the Royal Navy has confirmed the vessels will have a new home on Wearside – and they could be here as early as September 19, the day after the vote."

    Nuclear submarines to be based in Sunderland if Scotland wins independence - Sunderland Echo

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  2. Remind me what the date is?

  3. I think you'll find the real new base is more likely to be Hartlepool. Although I would hesitate to suggest that Soleil is being a bit of a Tees.
  4. A nuclear explosion could only make the area look better and the effects could allow some locals to grow a second brain cell.
  5. “We’ve had to buy an extra padlock for the Trident launch controls and promise not to toss the fuel rods overboard until we reach Hartlepool.”

    It must be true!
  6. Boys Im from Hartlepool, would never happen! Locals would have them stripped for scrap over night.
  7. What a load of chimps - or is that monkeys?
  8. Thanks for posting this Sol, managed to get a couple of bites from some of the more gullible lads in work today

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