Ryanair offers free sex on flights

Anything is better than that awful boarding music they play..
There are airlines in europe that are as inexpensive, have more class, give you a proper boarding pass, and one of which has the best on time record of ANY european airline. Neither does it have such a gobby president! who has however created a typical boom airline, which is what that business is all about, not something for the faint hearted or the short of character to become involved in.
I've just looked at the press release:
Getting involved in trans-atlantic flights has been the death knell of better airlines that Ryanair I can tell you for nothing..some real pioneers of aviation such as; Adam Thompson, Freddie Laker and the Villa familia (anyone remember British Island).
scouse said:
Now Sussex2 dont you go buying up all the 1 penny tickets: :w00t: :thumright:
Have you ever been to Hooters - the food is terrible, and that lot have already got a bit of a yaw on!
It'll come to no good end I can tell you.
They have a chain here in Spain and call it 'Putas' most of their staff hang out by the exits on the road to the airport.
Another slip of the tongue by O'Leary Bollocks!!

He will do anything to get noticed the last episode was the Matador advert advertising the run with the bulls. He was shot down in flames over that one the animal rights groups worldwide bombarded his company with letters. Not that he is bothered of course!!

He is still trying to take over Aer Lingus if he does the prices back and forth to Ireland will go sky high. Plus any other airline and destinations later that grabs his fancy!!

Not forgetting his little escapade buying the Dublin taxi plate to put on his Mercedes and having his driver impersonate a taxi driver so he can use the bus lanes and avoid the traffic jams!!

The airline business is full of 'characters'. His mate W***** Walsh is trying his damndest to completely bollox BA at the moment, having done a pretty good job of driving Aer Lingus into the ground. There are substantial rumous that BA will try to outsource its cabin crews in the future a la Ryanair - an old trick that has done the rounds so many times in the business it is hardly news at all.
Ryanair is still taking on new aircraft deliveries or so I am told - somehow the sums are simply not adding up.
It is normal when things go wrong Joe Josephine Public are quick to write to head office. They never write to say thank when things are fine and pleasant.

I do know with flying back and forth to Dublin regular with RyanAir what a shite job they have with the piss heads that board the aircraft on the piss up pilgrimage to Dublin or Liverpool.

We missed the Toronto flight Air Canada booked us on the flight the next day. When I returned I wrote to Air Canada thanking then for their help on finding us a seat the next day.

The complaints web site I wrote to say a big thank to Air Canada. It was never logged on screen. Only the negative shite..

I have been delayed many a time at Liverpool it is nothing to do with the cabin crew so why these morons take it on themselves to verbally abuse the crew is beyond me. Probably knowing they cannot respond I would think!!


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