Ryanair off runway at PIK

Har!!! I liked the bit about the crew expecting a tow back to the terminal only to be told it wasn't possible. "Why?" "Cos your altimeter should read -4ft..." :lol:

BZ to the pax for not doing the usual drama queen 'we all thought we were going to die' bit.
Wonder if they played the stupid fanfare thing.

\Assume oirish accent -
Anoder on toime Ryanoir flight, over 95% of - oops -
\end oirish accent
Not a good day for flying machines, another one had a sort of controlled crash in Kingston, no not on-Thames but the one in the Land of Red Stripe and ganga
Passed-over_Loggie said:
It looks like your hard AA arrival at Normally Manley was significantly more spectacular than Paddy's entry for the all Celtic figure skating contest.
Ryanair have not completely broken an aircraft yet, whereas AA to my certain knowledge have spectacularly broken at least four in the last few years.

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