Ryanair may charge for toilet use on planes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Just piss out the window and shout "Garde loo!" , say that yer from Edinburgh if yer challenged
  2. What next? An extra levy if the pilot is qualified? Or bring your own seats?
  3. I actually think that this is a good idea.

    Ryanair are a budget-airline, so one should expect a budget service. On short haul flights how often do you really need to use the in-flight facilities? If you're one of those people who can hold it, then you'd benefit from a cheaper ticket. If you can't, well you haven't lost much anyway because you've still got a cheaper ticket, and £1 extra for the quick swamp.

    However, this could go the other way. If one has to pay to use the toilet it might discourage passengers from buying food and drinks during the flight, especially drinks like tea which is a dialectic. If sales of food and drinks drop then visits to the loo will drop also, and Ryanair's profits would suffer.

    Either way, the passenger gets cheaper air-travel; which on a budget airline is what one wants.
  4. They can do what thet want .I personaly would never fly with the second rate (ney not even 5th rate )airline :D
  5. The only trouble is - now they've stoped you taking an bottle larger than 100mls onboard the aircraft you cant sit there and top it up! Mind that only applies to a "full" bottle ... so perhaps an empty bottle should be part of your handbaggage. After a few people have left them on the seats when they go they'll soon change their minds! Or you could use an empty whisky bottle and give someone a shock later!
  6. did you ever fly with them,or is it hear-say?My family use them to get to and from France with no complaints,trips which could not be afforded with the high cost outfits.

    20 years ago i paid £280 for a London-Dublin return,what is it now? Well done O'Leary he had the guts to see it through.When Dan-Air tried it in the '60s and later on Freddie Laker the big boys [ state owned] ganged up and broke them
  7. If they ripped out the lavatories they could add an extra half dozen seats! Really they should issue all Ryanair desperados (ie "customers") with a large nappy before they fly. :roll:

    Looks like they are going to fall foul of the Disability Discrimination Act...... again!
  8. I've yet to see a cup of tea win an argument. :thumbright:
  9. Sorry, that should have read diuretic. Silly me! :book:
  10. They will probably return to normal use when they start finding passengers had lifted the arm rest, curled one down between the seats and then pulled the armrest down again .
  11. Yes in fact i have to dublin did not like the service at all soomer fly BMI monarch jet2.com or even easyjet

    Freddie Laker the big boys [ state owned] ganged up and broke them
    we all what did him it was consprsicy nothing more nothing less
  12. Maybe MOL was just testing the water but let's see what happens in the future. After all, many railway stations and other public places charge to use the toilet. We all have a choice... fly with this joke of an airline or choose one which still values its passengers (I'm sure they do exist). My wife, sadly, has to use a wheelchair, so MOl's flying circus isn't an option for us, but even in our halcyon days of fitness I doubt I would have considered them. :pottytrain5:
  13. If it's a quid for a piss, how much is it to bend one into an airhostess over the sink?
  14. Sorry Monty,the sink is gone too, but you could bring your own plastic bucket.
  15. You going to take a dump in her mouth then mate?? 8O 8O
  16. Have you seen the trolley dollies on RA? Mind does give those bags they put on the back of seats a different use?
  17. Get what you pay for, and I wouldn't pay for that p!ss poor level of service again.
  18. One can't be too fussy, don't want to land in Prague on a hair trigger do you? Never go ashore with a loaded gun.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, so they charge you for the in-flight services (i.e. food) and now, possibly, for using the toilet. There has to be an analogy there somewhere... :oops: :lol:

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