Ryanair chief defends on-board toilet charge

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20090324/tod-ryanair-chief-defends-on-board-toile-7f81b96.html

    Now the Ryan air boss is asking for sugestions as to what else they can charge passengers for:

    How about :
    1.Feel of the stewerdesses tits £1.50
    2.Blow job from Stewerdess £5.00
    3.Full mile high club membership £20:00

    Please add to the list for Mr O'Leary

    The head of Irish budget airline Ryanair Tuesday defended his plan to charge passengers to use on-board toilets, saying it would lead to "less passenger inconvenience" during flights. Skip related content
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    Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary revealed last month the carrier was looking at the possibility of installing toilet doors in its planes which would only open with the insertion of a one pound coin (1.10 euros, 1.40 dollars).

    "In our discussions with (aircraft maker) Boeing they haven't yet been able to manufacture a toilet door that will take coins in it," he told a news conference in Madrid Tuesday.

    "But I think it's a logical development, if you use the toilet for example in train stations in England you pay to use the toilets. I don't see any reason why people on board an aircraft wouldn't pay to use the toilet."

    He said the on-board charge would mean more passengers would use the toilets at airports, and would lead to "less passenger inconvenience on board the aircraft."

    "We will charge for every possible thing we can think to charge for, but it will always be the passengers' choice whether they pay it or don't pay it," he said.

    O'Leary said the company is now running an online competition to see what else the carrier can charge for on board.

    "The suggestion I like best so far is a passenger in Sweden who has suggested that we should produce rolls of toilet paper with my picture on
  2. How about;
    1-Seat not next to a gibbering twat- £25.
    2- A seat that's not been swamped- £50.
    3-Served by a non beefer bloke type trolley doll - priceless

    I am off to Roger the cabin boy , Tom, the little minx. :wink:
  3. I would just shit in the isle instead
  4. Or do as M.O'Leary suggests ? fcuk off and fly with someone else ?
  5. Piss in a plastic bag tie in knot and leave on floor
  6. History repeats itself,cnuts used to do that on trains in the days gone by.........
  7. Are there not international regulations requiring airlines to meet a minimum standard and provide certain facilities for passengers? I would have thought toilets would be included.
  8. BR had toilets on trains as I recall.......too far from the seats to be of much use to the traveling public....
  9. Never did it on a train .I found the toilets quite close enough for me to get to.Done it on the last bus fom weymouth to portland (quite a few times )never was caught either :D.Sorry done it on those very old trains with no corridors a door either side you know the ones ! :D :D
  11. Hahahaha you have to know where the inspection door over the final drive is, and have a screwdriver handy :wink:

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