RWC final

At the time I really thought it was a try, but if you look at picture 9 I think you'll see what made the video refs decision for him.

Well done the the boys anyway, making it to the final is still a huge achievement.
When he first went over I thought it was a try but as soon as they showed the slow motion from behind, both myself and Mrs TFS said his foot hit the line. The more they showed it, the more you can see a bit of the whitewash turf fly up in the air where his boot caught it. It was the right decision.

It wasn't a pretty game and it came down to who made the most mistakes. England's discipline let them down and it cost them the match.


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At the time, the bar erupted and every....except me....said it was a try, I only changed my mind when I saw the replay, funny game.


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The biggest cheer in the Brit Club in DG was when the SA (Percy Montgomery??) got shoved into the hoardings and fell on to the TV camera... :lol: :twisted:
I must admit I was surprised that the Ref sent it upstairs. The ref and the line judge were right on the spot. The ref said to the tmo "Is there any reason I cannot award the try". To me, that says both he and the line judge thought it was ok.

In hindsight, it was the correct decision. Oh well, England lost. Un-fecking lucky.

Roll on next Saturday when I can watch my local team play at home for the first time in 3 weeks.
England did well, it was their lack of discipline in giving away the penalties that hurt us. However, it was a great effort, and as for the "try" well that will be debated for a while yet.
All this video reffing is putting the human variety on the spot; being damned if they do and damned if they don't sort of thing.
Without that and minutes long conference that ensued he may well have given the benefit of the doubt.
When all said and done S'arth Afrika were the better team and deserved to win.
Hard luck England they fought well but on the day they just weren’t good enough. As usual the media built them up as some formidable force that were going to inflict a crushing defeat on South Africa and to be honest what was all that nonsense about of putting a statue of Jonny Wilkinson alongside the 'Immortal Memory' in Trafalgar Square? He is an unpretentious young man who I feel sure did not want that.
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