Russica Resurgam... And still we pare our Forces!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. More news to depress the savvy....

    Russia has changed her military doctrine to recognise NATO and the West, its old adversary, as its new adversary, according to today's Guardian (7 March 2007)... however could the Grauniad have yet again misread the tea leaves? Is this doctrine or speculation? :evil:
  2. Who gives a shit, they were crap first time round and they will be crap this time. I was shadowing a Slava class once and took phots of them taking nearly 24 hours to do a RAS.
    Not quite as bad are the yanks, but it goes to show, lots of hulls and guns are not much use unless you know what you are doing and your boys are motivated.
    I won't even mention their Unterseeboot's.

    Do you want to encourage Labour to cut the Forces further? :shock:
  4. We will contiue to reduce our forces because joe public couldn't give a toss about the navy , and tony and gordon see it as an easy way to save money without upsetting too many voters . Another scarey realisaton is that the JMSDF has 51 frigates / destroyers to our 25 . This is a navy that is only allowed to have a homeland defensive fleet to protect their islands. we are an island nation with global commitments and are pollies think we can do it with half the japanese fleet . Cheers easy comes to mind
  5. We are now s,aller than the italian fleet.
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force
  9. Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force matey.

    :smile: Thanks, not feeling quite so bone now.

    Look out for the RN being retitled ECDF English Coastal Defence Force.

    And yes i did mean English.[/quote]

    :razz: At least we'll get some decent runs ashore! :lol:
  10. what foreign runs like Cardiff? well I can't understand a word they say anyway!!
  11. Don't be fooled by the name, the JMSDF is a blue water navy in everything but name and is a very professional outfit. In many respects though, they have not moved on from the old Imperial Navy. I visited the submarine school in Kure and was surprised to see a sailor beaten across the shoulders with a cane for making a mistake in the simulator. Also, at the Naval Academy in Eta Jima there is a shrine commemorating the sacrifice of the Kamikaze units in WWII.

    Makes you wonder.
  12. And while they have more escorts they don't have our amphibious capability, nuclear submarines,aircraft carreris etc etc.
  13. Yes, but they could build all those items in the time it takes for BAE to convene a meeting about who's turn it is to restock the teaboat.
  14. What are these then?


    1 of 3 Osumi class LSTs (with another in build I think). Not really an LST though, more like an LPH/LPD. Not quite in the same class as our amphibs maybe, but pretty capable none the less.

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