Russians to spend £97 Billion on Defence over next 8 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. There is interesting but no altogether suprising news reported in today's Guardian (9 Febuary 2007, p20) that Russia is to increase her defence expenditure to £97 Billion over the next eight years to upgrade her submarines and ICBM capability, and to significantly enhance her combat readiness to exceed those of Soviet times. Her stated reasons for doing so are worstning relations with the US and their plan to locate nuclear missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic supposedly targetted at Iran.

    This should remind us again of the need to maintain a strong defence capability and the need for Britain to project force beyond her shores to protect her supply routes and guarentee her political and economic independence and integrity. Wishful thinking does not, as we should have learned from the Baldwin-Chamberlain defence cuts up to 1938, strengthen the peace or provide enhanced security - it merely reduces the risks of going to war for any opponent.
  2. Money better spent on their khazi of a country surely? Come back communism, all is forgiven.
  3. Good call AAC - remember the times when the Guardian would never have reported that!

  4. I'm not really sure what your point is AAC. The Russian defence spend works out to be about $25 billion per year over the next 8 years.

    The US defence budget for FY 2007 alone is $662 billion.

    The UK has had no political or economic integrity or independence since the end of WW2 and I don't blame Putin one little bit for feeling antsy when he sees an intellectual pygmy like Shrub proposing to put missile systems in his back yard.

  5. Typical p1ss-poor Grauniad reporting though. The missiles that may end up in Poland and Czech Republic are NOT nuclear missiles aimed at Iran. They are in fact conventional warhead interceptor missiles, part of the US Missile Defence system - aimed at stopping missiles coming this way from Iran.......not turning bits of Tehran, Natanz, Bushehr etc into glass.

    More in this weeks JDW.....
  6. If the Russians are going back to their pre-Yeltsin defence spending, it is obvious we have to return to our defence spending levels of pre-"Options for Change" defence spending cuts.

    Or do we expect the Americans to bail us out if we get into trouble?
  7. I was simply making the point that the current mothballing policy and cuts in investing in the Forces is sheer madness. Now £662 Billion a year - that's something we could do with! :razz: We could a submarine for every Admiral then!
  8. While we suck our thumbs like the, now famous, Idaho potato head thinks we do?

    Even the humourless Jockanese f**kwit must realise that the Septics can't cover the Russians and the Chinese.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Interestingly that's not as much as it sounds:

    A US billion is a thousand million but a European billion is a million million, this combined with the fact that there are 1.95 US dollars to the pound means that $662 Billion or $662,000,000,000.00 is actually only about £339,208,800,000.00 or £0.339 billion. How can this be? :lol:

    Just to confuse some of you the entire UK Defence Budget for 2005/6 was £30.1 Billion. Again how can this be?

    Answers on a postcard to chieftiff, No1 confusion Avenue 1D1 0T
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: Russians to spend £97 Billion on Defence over next 8 yea

    as an ex booty you have completley confused me, but that is not difficult :mrgreen:

    Edited to add: can we please talk in "ickies" I understand that. :smile:
  13. I wonder how much will be spent on defending of their gas and oil pipelines?
  14. The sleeping giant. It worries me a little that when they start flexing their muscles again we could be in deep shite. After all, what have we got left to counter it.
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: Russians to spend £97 Billion on Defence over next 8 yea

    W_B It's like lira! before the euro...........

    Andy, I think you have a good point, and you've brought the thread back on track, thank god otherwise Seadog would have had a fit :lol:

    There have been a lot of articles in the Torygraph and Times in the last few weeks with reference to Russias' control over it's energy supplies. Most of Europe's Gas supplies are piped from Russia not to mention the oil pipelines running through the Old Soviet states. I actually believe Russias' potential monopoly of Europe's energy supplies is a bigger threat to our National security than any major investment in their currently re-developing armed forces.

    Anyone interested in this potential threat google Gazprom, this is Russias' gas monopoly, a private/ state controlled company? some interesting links to articles here:
  16. Thousands of bottles of vodka?
  17. phil '72

    whats this about the Americans getting us out of trouble? at the risk of getting a blast from 'the Stoker' there's a certain ex para who wasn't IN trouble until the Americans turned up, nor his mates neither, and to think they say they are on our side?
  18. more to the point andy how will all this affect the distribution of the's a huge polictal minefield at the mo as most of eastern europes and some of our gas comes from the east (stans and russia)
  19. RUBBISH!!!!!

    We are now seeing more community support officers than ever before. Leave it to Tony he will sort things out. I THINK!!!!
  20. Not to worry if the russians start tomove east we can always head them off with the 1st battalion health and safety officers who can grind anything to a complete halt with a hi vis vest and a white hard hat

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