Russian Warship off West Of Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bft999, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. At present there is a Russian Warship in the bay off Ayr.. It is there to unveil a memorial to a Russian Warship which sank in 1920, just of the coast of Lendelfoot.

    I have a few Phots, but I am unable to upload them . Anyone help..
  2. So if we're welcoming the Russians for stuff like this, why are they invading secure air zones and posturing anti-nuke tech at yank gear?

    I'll make no bullshit about Politics - I'm not exactly a house of commons watcher, but even the most politics freaks can see this is confusing! :confused:
  3. Going slightly off the subject, the aircraft your referring to had as much right as any other aircraft to fly where they did. They certainly wern't "invading secure air zones"
  4. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    BPK Severomorsk is an Udaloy-I class Guided Missile Destroyer, primarily designed for ASW operations. LINK - Some pics via that link.
  5. Buster Crab Anyone :thanks:
  6. But weren't they closer to our country than their own?
  7. And your point is?
  8. BPK.....ain't seen those initials in a long time. I wonder who's doing the UWL. Bet the vis is a load of b*ll*cks though!
  9. So what?

    International airspace is ummm international.
  10. Will it break down just before NATO exercises and be miraculously repaired just after they've finished... oh no, that was Warsaw Pact merships...
  11. They are still Russian Bombers and it makes the most sense to let the British Military know that they are approaching our airspace aswell as other neighboring countires which will save us sending out typhoons to find out what the hell is going on....
    it's blatant childish behavior on behalf of the Russian government.
  13. Paddlequack, I'm getting the feeling that the sentiment is, it's okay to travel in the direction of one's country with weapons that could cause mass death as long as they're just outside your borders.
  14. Very misconstrued here aren't we?
    Basically breaking it down I'm just putting my point across that these are military bombers nearing our airspace without reason or cause
    (If it was a commercial plane the fuss wouldn't be made)
    and my point was that if the Russians had a reason to be armed and near us I'm sure they're government would be kind enough to inform our military/government of what their reasons are for these 'threatening' "aerial missions".
    For which i personally haven't heard of any statements from the former soviet
    government on why they are pissing about next to our airspace with military aircraft..
  15. In a legal sense, yes it is.

    The thrust and parry of international diplomacy is facinating, and Machiavelli is oft misquoted as identifying that War is just Diplomacy by other means, although I'd need to dig out my copy of The Prince to find the correct wording.

    We can simultaneously maintain cordial relationships over some things, whilst engaging in behavious more towards the sabre-rattling end of the spectrum in other areas.

    there is little point in over-reacting, the papers are short on content at the moment so the topic is gaining more coverage than it otherwise would.
  16. A Udaloy...brings back happy memories! Zakharov, Spiridonov, Tributs and Shaposhnikov in particular! :happy3:
  17. Creddly, Paddlequack. Its all part of "The Game"! As civies you do not understand "The Game", however hopefully by the time you get to sea you will (hopefully) have a slight understand of it and how it is played. It is your bread and butter. This is not a dig at you but until you are/have been in the service you will not understand it but its fecking great fun being part of it!
  18. :thumright: Tit for tat!
  19. :wav:

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