Russian TV report on the RN


Lantern Swinger
Also surprised to see them listing HMS Nottingham as one of the four UK Submarines involved in incidents. I wasn't aware that she was a boat, although she almost did a fairly reasonable impression of one.... :thumright:
Joe_Crow said:
5dits said:
Russian TV report

A few months old now, but nicely balanced, not having a pop at the RN at all.
...and so well researched;
"..the fourth nuclear powed submarine....accident....last six years....Tireless....Nottingham....Trafalgar....Superb.."


I think we are being rather picky with the news report. The presenter made no mention of the Suez Canal. It was the British expert they interviewed who stated the boat was transiting the Suez Canal to reach an area probally to support operations in either Iraq or Afganistan. So we are left with a skimmer Nottingham considering how often the British press get things wrong I feel we can forgive our friends from "Tup North" for one small fo-par.


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