Russian Tanks are rolling again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Oh yes, the Russians could teach the rest of the world some lessons in diplomacy.

  2. Vlad must have been taking lessons from the British diplomats who aided and abetted the illegal invasion of Iraq :thumright:

  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Parallels? The Sudetenland? If this works Putin may decide to liberate a few other bits of the old Soviet empire. And another thought - can we have a map showing oil & pipelines please?
  4. Erm, bit geeky perhaps, but here! :)
    (Its a bit old, but you get the idea)
  5. And another one here.
  6. They sure pick their mark don't they with a 70,000 population?. Putin is still very much in control pulling the strings of his successor in the background. He won't be satisfied until Mother Russia is put back together again as it was in his former KGB glory days. We should have left them stranded after the 1989 collapse of the wall instead of pumping money into their dead economy. Now they have all the resources on tap and we have got sweet FA but our reliance on them for gas and oil supplies. Some lessons just never get learnt.

    Red Sailor
  7. Pax Russica returns. Tsar Alexander would be proud.
  8. That Crazy Dmitri Grozny :thumright:

    Did the Russians learn nothing from the West on how to conduct illegal invasions??

    Where was their junior partner in this expedition? Where was their fig-leaf? Even Bubbleboy knew that every leader needs a poodle. The US had The Blessed Saint Tone of London; did Dmitri and Vlad decide that they didn't need one?

    Where was the Russian version of The Coalition of the Willing? Where was Micronesia / Eritrea / Rwanda or even Costa Rica. Basic mistake Vlad :thumright:

    Where was the sustained campaign of twisting intelligence and lying to the United Nations? Where were the false justifications? Why didn't the Russians link Georgia with Al Qaeda and the War on Terra? It worked for the Brits :bball:

    Where was the Russian campaign of pre-justification? 'We have to invade because the Georgians have WMD and can fire at Moscow within 45 minutes' ... or 'We are bringing demokracy' ...... or 'Do you want the smoking-gun to be a mushroom cloud'. These are all tried and tested excuses and Tone and Bubbleboy used them all; I am sure that they wouldn't have objected to Vlad and Dimi using them. After all it was NEVER about the OIL :bball:

    Go Ivan.... roll those T-94's !!!!! [And whilst you're at it move those long-range SAM 300's into Iran and really fcuk up the Red Sea pedestrians plans]

    LOL ............

    Oh! and Vlad..... A word of to the wise ... start targeting civilian infrastructure at the earliest opportunity. It will provide a great revenue stream for Russian companies during the rebuild phase [ if you want any advice contact]

    Happy trails !!!!

  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I suppose the Caucasus wil be the new Balkans, with this difference, it's outside any practical scope for Western military intervention - and, in any case, whose side are 'we' on?

    Every Empire, starting with the Romans, moves people about. Then when the music stops, large bodies of people are in the 'wrong' place and the result is ethnic tension and worse. Look at the legacy of the Ottoman and then the Austro-Hungarian Empires; our own, with conflict between, Indians and Africans in Trinidad, Guyana and Mauritius, or between Malays and Chinese, or Tamils and Sinhalese (just as worked examples); and now the Soviet legacy. Sad really, but that's how it works.
  10. I hope Bush keeps his stupid brain out of it.
  11. It's great when you can find a quality training programme for your troops.
  12. Bergen, you're not getting cynical in your old age are you?

    I thought that you knew, that subtlety is not exactly Ivan's strong point. Strong arm tactics always work, well almost always. Besides, they are merely protecting their honest, innocent citizens.

    According to German news this evening the Georgians have now got Ossetia back under control.
  13. P'raps we will send a gunboat with a stern message (but not so stern as to upset Vlad into closing off the gas taps). :thumright:

  14. This time lets not dispatch AB ipod or it might just give Ivan encouragement to push west!
  15. There's a rumour going round that they are taking HM S/M Alliance off the blocks and recommissioning her in readiness for a new cold war.

    Any truth in it?
  16. Apparently NATO is concerened. Well all i can say is this has go to be France and Germanys time to shine as i think Britain, America, Canada and Holland are ******* busy doing there part in Afghanistan.
    So its time they get ******* cracked on!!!!!
  17. Be serious. The iPod will not matter; fat pie-munching WRENS will provide the real incentive for Ivan Grozny to push West :thumright:

  18. There will be the usual calls for restraint the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the hypocrites Bush, Brown and best not miss out Blair who between them are responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of innocents.
  19. This is a first. I agree with Finky. Just watching Bush on TV calling for restraint and standown all troops. The Russians are bombing the shit out of Georgia but the west stands back. I wonder why?? The British Government has been very quiet over this. F*ck they are all on holiday. Only advice from them is dont go on holiday to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No shit sherlock. :w00t:

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