Russian Navy deployment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Russian Navy deployment

    Interesting video showing the recent Russain Naval deployment, through the med and atlantic.
  2. I hope someone warned the Hull fishing fleet (well, what's left of it) after the last time the Russians deployed in numbers on their way to fight the Battle of Tsu Shima against the Japanese in 1904. From this page of The Times online (well worth reading in full):

  3. Don't be too concerned, there's HMS Explorer to fend off the likes of the Russian fleets! :thumright: :whew: :lol:
  4. It's as if the Cold War never went away.

    Normal service resumes!
  5. Just minus half the Fleet and half the funding...
  6. Oh so true.
  7. Only Half?? Thats the spirit - keep positive!!

  8. Brings back many memories when I served on the Centaur 1960 - 1963 as a Stoker. Spent 12 months as Starbord catapult crew interesting times.
    At least we had a carrier force then!

    " The wind was a howling the goffrers were huge- but we took it all"
  9. Maybe I was generalising and being a bit liberal with the old rounding of figures... :error:
    More like, what, 2/3? 4/5?...
  10. Well as long as they can pay their troops and get fuel they will be a looming threat.I rember hearing something along the lines of "never wake a Sleeping Bear up!"Might be worth keeping this in mind i think,untill we got a lot more ships at least!

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