Russian Defence Spending until 2020


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Its a relief that Russia have joined `The Good Lads Club`, otherwise us being an island nation could be in a bit of bother. :banghead:
Devonport navy days didn't quite match up to this scale, remember that they did one year fire 3 salvos of the mortar mk10 across the harbour onto a mock up boat. Impressive, but not on the same scale
I visited Sevastapol a couple of years ago and there wasn't a single "modern" warship in the harbour. Also went to the submarine pens just outside the city and was told all about the Russian exploits in the Med. When I pointed out that NATO knew and kept track of every submarine movement from the Black Sea I was approached by a gentleman who asked "how do you know this"? "Simple", I replied, "Good intelligence"! Shitty death! Did he ever throw a wobbly! Needless to say I was escorted back to our transport!!
I spent a few days in Vladivostok in 2004, place was a shit hole, all the ships had their outboard sides freshly painted for our benefit, a sneaky peak around the inboard side showed they were rusted to ****.

We had a tour of one ship that ******* stank of shit and was lit with strings of Christmas tree lights running off a Honda generator, every grease nipple on the ship had been painted over and not a single weapons mount looked like it was capable of rotating, leading me to believe that **** all was working.

The thing that struck me the most was the poverty of their sailors, we had some of their officers onboard who ******* reeked of BO, turns out they only get issued one shirt, by Friday it tends to be a little spicy. Likewise we watched a stores ship where their lads had to sign for sacks of Potatoes because they couldn't be trusted not to nick them.
We have to realise, now, that Ivan would piss off the Septics and our comrade Europeans at about the same time they were pissing us off. Consequently we wouldn't be alone and would only need to put in just enough effort to appear involved. We have to stop living in the past, thinking that we can deploy a complete warlike capability.

You know it makes sense.

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