Russian Concrete U-Boats

Should we build them?

Perhaps you should give some idea of dimension tonnage crew and propulsion then we may offer a considered opinion.

Just one thing Russians do not build U Boats.

NZ_Bootneck said:
Propulsion system like Hamilton water jet? Ferkin Ruskies always stealing Kiwi technology, they"ll be after our sheep next.

They"ll be after our sheep next.

And St Valentines Day just round the corner this will never do!!!!!!!
Without Blingbling producing further facts its just WALOB.

Kiwi we can see its water jets that push it along, what pushes the water thats the question?



spearfish said:
I don't know bout concrete but the cousins looked at glass for some of their really deep diving boats.

The Norwegians have been using concrete cells in deep water on the Condeep type platforms for ages. From an engineering standpoint it's all about solving hoop stresses.


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