Russia vs Ukraine


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They do have financial clout though. And that’s were we have to hurt them. The only worry is that if he feels Kaliningrad ( formerly Konigsburg) is getting too isolated he’ll feel obliged to take action.
I gave you a like because the EU does have cash, but, Germany is the biggest contributor followed I believe by France. Both countries give Russia billions in roubles for gas thus massively reducing the impact of EU sanctions. I understand why it is necessary for them to do this but the impact remains.
Konigsberg is vital to Russia because of the Black Sea fleet, it is also a running sore to NATO and it could become quite challenging in the area over the coming weeks.


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Is there any chance?

  • Meanwhile, Russia's President Putin is heading to Tajikistan, his first overseas visit since the invasion of Ukraine began in February.


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apparently Iran are supplying weaponised Drones
I would have thought that Russia, the country that has, allegedly, manufactured hypersonic Satan missiles and cruise missiles, would be capable of producing their own drones.

Methinks Russian military technology may not be as good as Russia would like us to think.

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