Russia Threatens to Train its Missiles on Poland & Czech Rep

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Daily Telegraph

    So the Cold War is a thing of the past?
  2. Here we go again!
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Is it just a load of words and bluster or a serious threat to world peace? I suspect the former for now, but there's a lot of investment to go into Russia's Armed Forces over the next few years, a breakdown in relations might just lead to us having another long outbreak of world peace surrounded by lots of threats, and Ships and tanks and aircraft and soldiers and...................................
  4. Well there has been a question in the House on this - unfortunately it was poo-pooed by the Minister!
  5. Re: Russia Threatens to Train its Missiles on Poland & Czech

    Seems to justify maintaining and replacing a submarine nuclear deterent. Although M.A.D. is a rather abhorrent concept, it did work to keep the peace during the cold war.
  6. Re: Russia Threatens to Train its Missiles on Poland & Czech

    Boy Oh Boy...did you get it right....USSR/Warsaw Pact de-weaponises and reduces the world to a single super-power. The super-power becomes uni-polar and goes on the rampage with the UK running at it's heels like the hyena that it has become in the eyes of most of the world [think war-crimes and illegal war here].

    These numb-nuts then decide to put weapon-systems into Putin's back-yard and are surprised when there is a response?

    Poland dragged the UK into one world war and perhaps it may be wise to remember Churchill's words "There are few virtues the Poles do not possess and there are few errors that they have ever avoided".

    Get real for god's sake!

  7. We'll all be safe cos Tony & Gordon will guard our shores with a navy consisting of pedallos armed with stealth taxes
  8. Re: Russia Threatens to Train its Missiles on Poland & Czech

    Chief Tiff wrote
    He won't have to fight, he'll just stop our gas supply, until we comply. you know like he recently did to the Ukraine.
  9. I know a man that was poo-pooed once - he poo-pooed the poo-poo....

    Why should anyone be suprised, Russia has always been suspicious of the West's intention in regard to the new NATO members and co-operation partners. This suspicion applies equally to the other former WP countries who where more eager to inspect their neighbours under the CFE Treaty than the West was to go to the USSR/Russia. The intended deployment confirms their fears of the plot...

  10. Re: Russia Threatens to Train its Missiles on Poland & Czech

    And thats why hes protecting them with these Missiles.He aint stupid is he?I wonder how many so called Free Russians that are in UK are Intelligence Agents?Not that i am paranoid or anything!
  11. Why do I get a feeling of deja vu here? Kinda 'what's new?'
  12. He has a cunning plan. Put communism to sleep for a few years and lull the west into a false sense of security so that they embrace eastern europe into the EU. Then get all their spies and activists into the western countries as immigrants and workers. Then wake up communism and call it New Communism and the cold war will begin all over again but this time the enemy will be within. Pretty far fetched I know but!!!!!!!

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