Russia forces storm oil tanker seized by Somali pirates.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Молодец!
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well done Ivan.

    I suppose we cant do anything like that due to health and safety rules and the pirates human rights.
  3. It seems to demonstrate degree of self-control for Russian forces, in the middle of nowhere, to restrict themselves to ventilating only one hijacker. Perhaps they had a British liaison officer on board.
  4. As with other successful rescues, the crew had informed the authorities that they had secured themselves in a safe area and were not being held at gunpoint. But well done the Ruskies.
  5. Somalians in Siberia......whatever next?

    Personal view....they should get rid of them as soon as they are caught....that would send the message
  6. They did it a few years ago with a pirate gang off Mozambique - put a target merchant vessel in an exposed anchorage followed by lots of fireworks one night and lots of floating dead pirates next morning - did the trick nicely from all accounts
  7. Lets hope their courts give them the punishment they deserve and not an asbo as our courts would do.
  8. I don't fancy their chances if they get put on trial in Moscow 8O
  9. That "Marshal Shaposhnikov" is a pretty steely looking ship. BZ's all round for the Russkies
  10. again...we are so limp wristed that we will never do anything like that..
    our skimmer brothers cant be disturbed from their iPods
  11. You mean like this incident a couple of weeks ago? :roll:

    HMS Chatham intercepts pirate mother ship
    It's difficult enough trying to educate an ignorant media and public without worrying about someone purporting to be RN.
  12. It seems when the Arabs kidnapped that complete tosser Terry Waite they also kidnapped two Russians,the Ruskies promptly kidnapped two high placed Arabs of the kidnappers faith and threatened to execute them if the Ruskies were not released.
    They were next day and the job was done,meanwhile Waite and the others had to wait for years.
    Don't mess about with the Russians/Israel or the SAS now it has come out that the MOD refused permission to rescue those captured two SAS troopers as the bigger picture was more important than these two lives,at least the Leaders took no notice.
    Got to admire the Russians though.
    We should learn from them in the current pirate situation.
  13. Latest is the Russians have released the pirates

    However------other quotes mentioned were that there was no international law to try them in Moscow etc. So they reverted to the historical way of
    dealing with captured pirates .

    Gang plank and walk come to mind.

  14. It looks like it's true:

    Russia Frees Pirates It Seized Days Ago

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