Russia an increasing threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by phil1972, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Personally, I think that the US (Current Administration) is more of a threat to world peace. Russia feels threatened at the moment, some would say justifiably so and therefore can't be blamed for the stance taken by its leader.
  2. Nicely put phil. This cannot be good news. I love the quote "A Nato spokesman said the alliance "regretted" Russia's decision". Regretted? WTF does that mean?

  3. So once Putin has a few tank and Motorised Rifle Divisions set up along his borders all he has to do is turn off the tap for the Gas and oil and the vast majority of eurpoe will be up the swannee!!!
  4. A new cold war why not, at least its a foe we can "find" and know how they operate
  5. I agree with Lamri in the Russia is simply responding to the provocative actions of the U.S.
    The U.S. seems to wish to undermine the solidarity of the EU and put years of progress in EU/Russian relations into the dustbin.
    Why? I haven't a clue.
  6. becuase they will annouce next week that russia is part of the axis of terror and that we should invade
  7. Watch the Good Shepherd, what it has to say about Cold War Russia is relevant today. Military, Russia isnt a threat, economically though its a different story.
    It was in the USA's defence interest to make the Soviet threat real and terrifying, now that they have got the excuse of Al Qaueda to fund their war machine you dont hear a lot about Russia.
    Putin is a posturing bully, the Russians dont scare the Yanks they shouldnt scare us
  8. Wondering when Canada will be a axis of terror? Oil fields and minerals galore but untapped due to the environmental damage it will cause. For now that is!

    The movie Canadian Bacon was amusing starring the late John Candy. Special ops to dump litter in Canada!! If you write graffiti it must also be in French! Stated the motorcycle cop!

    Canada is so clean reason being the dump trucks take Toronto's crap over the border daily to the incinerator.
  9. Agree with you on that.The sooner Bush goes we can all breath a sigh of relief.
  10. Yeah, were waiting until Oil is no longer worth anything, then we will get into selling "Water" $100.00 USD a Barrel, they stopped delivering the garbage to Michigan, seems the locals had enough.... :rambo:

    Russia has descended into 3rd World rot, it's a bloated bureaucracy loaded with corrupt officials and ogliarchs, they give new meaning to the word "Mafia", the only thing to worry about is how much they are willing to sell their souls to those who want their nuclear knowledge and parts, because in my humble opinion, they are what is wrong in the middle east, they are so enamored of the free flowing money coming into their pockets they could care less about the world community in regards to the Middle East, this is one of the reasons they are reluctant to come down hard on Iran, even though it is obviously in their best interests as well as ours to do so... :threaten:
  11. I do not understand the Septic’s obsession with ICBM’s they should be more concerned with the suitcase size devise but I suppose being a true capitalist society they need a bogeyman, real or imaginary.
  12. Russia is a bit like China, very hard places to judge from a distance; and impossible to rule in the cosy manner we have in the West.
    Aside from HKG (never before, only after our lease ran out) I have never been to either vast country.
    I do have some business with Russians, and find them to be pretty straightforward and no nonsense. Mostly they are pleased to do business, happy to make friends, and don't mind someone telling them that flowery shorts and checked shirts aren't a brilliant fashion statement.
    The ones I deal with have, within the space of a few months, got a pretty good handle on both the local languages, and those that live nearby love the place.

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