RUSI event on Royal Canadian Navy - 4th May

Discussion in 'History' started by golden_rivet, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. RUSI - The Royal Canadian Navy & New Perspectives on the Second World War - 4th May 2007

    "During the Second World War the Royal Canadian Navy transformed dramatically from a small coastal defence force into a blue water navy that proved indispensable to victory in the Battle of the Atlantic, and which played an important role in several maritime campaigns. This remarkable story, analysed fully for the first time in the recently published two-part Official History of the RCN in the Second World War, will be the focus of this one day conference.
    Respected naval historians Roger Sarty, Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones and Michael Whitby will present papers on the RCN’s wartime experience, analysing critical aspects of the navy’s operational record and discussing related subjects such as force generation, policy formulation, problems associated with rapid expansion, and relations with the Royal Navy and other allies at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

    Focus will be mainly on the Battle of the Atlantic, but the RCN’s operational record in campaigns in Northwest Europe and the Pacific will also be reviewed. Andrew Lambert, Professor of Naval History at King’s College will give the opening address, while Vice Admiral Glenn Davidson, Canada’s Military representative to NATO, will close the conference by discussing the long-term consequences of the Canadian Navy’s wartime experience in terms of its continuing contribution to coalition operations."

    cost is 25 squid which includes lunch - I can't make it - sounds interesting I always enjoy listening to Andrew Lambert.
  2. That would be interesting. Would you be able to Post the transcript?
  3. I believe it was a Brit Admiral who actually overseen the development of the RCN. He was then transferred to the RCN at the end of the war. Can't remember his name though..
  4. Dhoby Bucket,
    The man you're thinking of is Admiral Percy Nelles, he was actually Canadian by birth but had served in both the RCN and the RN prior to taking over the lead role in the RCN.
    His Wikipedia entry here gives a concise summary of his career.

  5. It's probably Admiral Sir Charles Kingsmill that you're thinking about. He was born in Canada, but joined the RN in 1870. He was loaned to Canada in 1908 as Director of the Marine Service. With the establishment of the RCN in 1910, he became Director of the Naval Service. He was knighted in 1918 and retired in 1920.
  6. Had you been going GR I might have gone with you, though I must admit I stopped being a RUSI Member in 1993. If you change your mind let me know.

  7. I believe you'll find that although, as with all RCN officers at the time, Admiral Nelles did his "big ship time" with the RN, he was always an RCN officer.

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