Rupert the dog Fraser Gunnery Range

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by stan_the_man, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Guys anyone out there remember Rupert the dog at FGR in Pompey, he only had two badges left when I first met him in 76 he had lost a badge at defaulters for shitting in Georges Block. He used to chase the one legged cleaner on his bike (the cleaner was on the bike) and bite his one leg every morning when he cycled though the main gate.
    We fed him on pussers sugar lumps nevr saw him take a shit in the 12 months I was there. He did look the DBs in his suit and collar on Divisions.
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  2. Fcuck my tall hat no responses
    Fecker used to chase the Duty Watch on fire exercises to make sure they were running fast enough with the feckin fire cart. Barking like fcuck till he got too old to run. Good thing was we knew then when the fire exercise was cos the OOD had to lock the old fecker up before raising the alarm.
    We used to do rounds of the range armed to the teeth with a pickaxe helve and a pussers right hand torch and Rupert.
  3. Don't you mean Rupert the Bear? Or perhaps Rupert the Guards Ossifer? :lol:
  4. Thingy
    Rupert was rupert not the stupid tw*ts we have today wiv rings on there sleeves
  5. Stan the Man, I will be on the "Island" on Wednesday for the monthly GIs meeting. I will try and dig up some stuff about Rupert.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  6. Stan,

    remember him well, chasing the fire cart and stinking out the QMs lobby.

    I was there 79/81, he joined the great dog trainer in the sky and was buried by the mast if I remember correctly.

    As for FGR, great in the summer doing rounds of the perimeter fence and seeing all those not so clad female sun worshipers.

    Horrible place in the winter. Many more memories, living in at Dryad and having to get the bus down every day etc etc
  7. Rupert died in May 1981, having served at Fraser for 13 years. He was buried near the mast. As the site has been developed, I've been told that the area aound the mast is now a roundabout, so hopefully the old bugger still rests in peace.

    My favourite story about him concerned a Wrn Officer. A she stooped down to give him a pat, Rupert skillfully avoided the hand and stuck his nose up her skirt!!

    Semper Strenuissima
  8. I remember taking him on rounds with me during the middle in 76 he went missing for 10 minutes then I heard him whinging when I shone my torch to see were the fecker was he'd fallen through the barbed wire fence and was hanging by his rubbery b*llocks. Once I'd stopped laughing I pulled him off - we were best buddies after that.
  9. Just remembered another Rupert dit. Me and Bungy were Buffers Party, lovely summers afternoon so we skivved off and sunbathed naked behind the smalll brick wall that surrounded the camp. about 1430 there was a shadow over us - it was only the feckin Jimmy. He told us to take ourselves of to the RPO and put ourselves in the sh*t. At the table he told us he'd seen Rupert out of his office window the other side of the wall wagging his tail when he looked out again 30 mins later unbeknown to us the feckin dog was still there so he came out to investigate what Rupert was up too. Result me and Bungy 7 days 9s maybe the dog wasn't me mate after all.
    We used to catch the goldfish in the pond by the mast when we were duty weekend, that and catching couples sh*gging on the beach when we were out on rounds.
  10. Nothings changed then...

    :w00t: :w00t:
  11. Hey mate brightened up a boring weekend
  12. That particular mutt was before my time but I do remember a German Shepherd at HMS Cambridge that had obviously been bullied by someone in No 8's as a pup.

    I was on Northern Ireland course there and the OIC of the Military Training School was a bootie Major. The said German Shepherd was his and was used as an 'encouragement tool' during the compulsory PT sessions you had to do on this particular PJT. One of the runs was Pump Hill(?) where with smiles of glee the two RM sergeants and the Major chased a couple of dozen unwilling matelots up it with the dog in direct support. I can still feel its presence behind me, its slavering jaws inches from my sweaty crack and bawbag.......ooyah
  13. Shellbackmack
    Mate I did a couple of courses in late 77 befre joining BRISTOL if you fcuked up you went up and down same hill with a 56lb 4.5inch projectile on your shoulders till you got it right. Give me the feckin dog anyday - still the cider tasted better when the thirst was there - that was before the brownhatter strongbow adverts.
  14. I remember Rupes. I was ships company at Fraiser 1976 to 1977 I was an OEM1 in the workshop, There was me Taff D, Sharky and Shutty. I remember that big :bball: black mutt, if it was cold and dark he wouldnt leave the QM's lobby to go on rounds, so you would go alone, then the QM would kick him out for farting or something and you would sh*t yourself as he tried to grab the pick axe handle from you just as you were up at the far end of the range.
    I remember once we were duty weekend and we had a load of hard boiled eggs left over from 9 er's and we fed them to the dog, big mistake he just lay down in the TV room and farted for the next week.
    Also remember the TV room was always full at dinner time when Susan Stranks and Itsy & Bitsy were on the TV
  15. Well found the roundabout and mast....R.I.P Rupps! Also - will they dig him up if they decide to sell up?

  16. Hi just found this site, I was a AB on the gate staff and was in the Guard Room when Rupert was put to sleep by a vet as he was very ill. We then puthim in a blanket placed him in a wooden box, dug a big hole by the mast and buriedhim by it. A say day for all lovely dog!!!
  17. Markie
    Stay with us you'll have a laugh try Diamond Lils!!
  18. As Fraser has been mentioned do any of you remember the ex Royal civvy instructor Tom Farmer RIP? He was in one of KGV's turrets when the Bismark was sunk. The reason I ask was that he used to be a close neighbour of mine and what a cracking bloke he was, he crossed the bar some years ago aged 96.

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